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Stop it!

Whenever you feel yourself about to utter the I-word (impeachment), Stop it!  Just Stop it! It makes you look like a fool, much like the President made himself look like a fool when in the space of a single sentence he contradicted himself when he said of the arrest of a black Harvard professor: we […]

High in the middle and round on both ends

You might have seen the photo where President Obama participates in The Ohio State University tradition of spelling out the word O-H-I-O  Village People style.  The President has been chided by many for having spelled the word wrong by attempting to be the “H” after the “I”.  Most of these criticisms are wrong, as surely […]

Instinctively, he’s wrong

I have followed the Trayvor Martin/George Zimmerman issue only slightly, which is to say that I have as little information about the facts of the case as do 99% of other commenters–including, apparently, the President. After it has been alleged that there may be exculpatory evidence that would support Mr. Zimmerman’s version of the events, Glenn Reynolds voiced […]

Cops, Docs, and Unaimed Shots

I don’t think we’re going to see another prime-time presidential press conference for a while. Tom Daschle, the original pick for the Secretary of Health and Human Services, reportedly advised President Obama to stay away from the specifics as he pushed his health care plan.  It was Daschle’s belief that when discussion turned to details in […]