It’s not business; it’s strictly personal

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Republicans want a delay in Obamacare.  Because of the many significant problems with the rollout of Obamacare, and because he has delayed parts of the law himself some 19 times, President Obama should want a delay in Obamacare too.  One year gives Democrats an opportunity to fix systemic errors in the software, the regulations, and the law.  One year gives nothing at all to the Republicans–nothing–except the opportunity to crow a little bit.

That the President can’t compromise in a way that gives him everything he wants, plus the extra time he needs, is not about business.  It’s strictly personal.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Glenn for the link.  While you’re here, take a look around.

MORE:  Allahpundit  and Evan McMurray dissect Wolf Blitzer’s wonderment that it isn’t the Democrats who are the ones begging for a year’s delay.

Exit question:  Do national Democrats hate the Tea Party so much that they would take all the (well-deserved) negative reaction over the Obamacare Follies rather than to give in on just the delay even while it benefits them more than Republicans in the long run?

ALSO:  Thanks to Ed and Moe.

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17 Responses to “It’s not business; it’s strictly personal”

  1. Bon Hagar Says:

    Obama is not equipped to deal with people. He has never faced opposing opinions nor does he respect nor understand an opposing opinion or philosophy about anything. So, like the petulant child he is, he takes opposition personally. As does Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the so called progressives.

  2. Ralph Cramdon Says:

    Our Muslim President and his Democratic Party have formed Obama’s cult of personality, similar to Nazi Germany (Hitler), the Soviet Union (Stalin) and China (Mao Tze Tung). Our Republic is being disassembled brick by brick by the Cult of Obama.

  3. Joel Mackey Says:

    no shit.

  4. Eric Johnson Says:

    I’m with Ted Cruz in general, but since defunding is not happening, I am completely opposed to a one year delay. For precisely the reason you describe. If Obama had any sense, he would have jumped on the one year delay “compromise.” He wouldn’t now be ducking questions about how many people have signed up for ACA online and he could have seized the diplomatic high ground as a compromiser. Instead, he looks inconsistent and petulant, all in the hopes that voters punish the Republicans enough for a Democrat majority in the house. He may get his wish, but it’s a long shot in contrast to a sure thing that his media enablers could have used to shield him from almost anything to come.

  5. Jed Skillman Says:

    I’m wondering the same things. If the Republicans can force negotiations and play this right they’ll surrender on the individual mandate — go ahead and let BHO own the mess — in exchange for the tossing all federal employees including congress into the Obamacare pot just to make sure that the cook is eating his own cooking. Maybe they can get an okay on the Keystone pipeline as a little extra.

  6. Don Lovell Says:

    Obama is like a little kid in a grown up world, he doesn’t know any better. He will go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever. His mother and relatives were all avid communists had to rub off on him.

  7. Tom Hardesty Says:

    It’s still a mistake to insist on a delay…that puts the implement date past the 2014 elections….implement now, but insist on no waivers, no exemptions, for congress, O himself, unions…a year of Ocare imploding should adequately piss off a majority of voters come Nov 2014.

  8. vic Says:

    Tru Dat!

  9. ackykam Says:

    You are correct. Therefore Republicans should demand a 2 year delay in ObamaCare to reopen the government (17% closed)and a 4 year delay to raise the debt limit.

  10. Ted Savas Says:

    I am utterly against giving Obama and the Democrats a one-year delay. Ted Cruz was right–he got the message out to the citizenry, and he did it at the same time the roll-out began. That was strategic genius.

    Now it is time to extract something like the repeal of the medical device tax and some other concessions, and then both sides can “save face.” However, the public is now seeing Obamacare up close and personal, Cruz and the Republicans got their message out, and the entire 2014 campaign should be about that–Obamacare is a disaster from which the elites who passed it exempted themselves, their families, and their favorite lobbyist-supported businesses and unions. And THIS (a short and sweet free market bullet point plan anyone can understand) should be drilled into the fabric of American life.

    With both houses of Congress the Republicans can begin a more aggressive campaign to cut up this law and break it apart and if the GOP wins the WH isn 2016, they can repeal and replace.

    Let Obama hoist himself on his own petard. He is doing a good job of that already.

  11. SenatorMark4 Says:

    Of course it’s personal! It’s his way or the highway every single time. There is no reporters clamoring to know they he’s changed his mind on supporting raising the debt limit. No reporter is interested in the failure of the Obamacare software kluge. There are NO reporters, only Democrat scribblers acting out.

    So…why aren’t the right-leaning people reporting on the reporters?

  12. bill francis Says:

    Barry O is a vicious, vindictive, mean, angry black man. He has demonstrated this time over time. Look at what he ok’s be done against his political opponents. McCain is a war monger, Romney is a “felon”, crook and tax cheat. And those are the nice things Barry ok’d.

    Look at how his administration is run. Keep everything as secret as possible. Ignore and do not defend existing laws if you do not like them including voter protection laws, gun running laws, improved education chances for children and more. In the eyes of Eric Holder, his buddy, you can only be a victim if you are black. Anyone is fair game including the media (AP) that greatly helped Barry get elected and opponents such as Fox’s Rosen.

    The “shutdown” is particularly informative when you look at the actions of the administration. Close the Amber Alert web site but not Michelle Obama’s web site. ‘Close” open air parks such as the Viet Nam and WWII open air parks. Arrest a jogger for running on the public roads going through a national park and Park Rangers reporting they have been told to ” make it as hard as they can on the public”.

    Also, did yo notice that not only did the IRS go after conservative but when Ben Carson spoke against Obamacare all of a sudden he was audited. None of this is by chance and is fully supported by Barry.


  13. William Says:

    Barack Obama, the Peter Principle personified.

  14. Diggs Says:

    If a parent ever needed an example of how terrible it is to let a child grow up without ever facing well-deserved corrections or criticism, then Obama is it. He lashes out at anyone who dares to criticize him in truly vicious ways.

  15. cathyf Says:

    This is neither business nor personal, but constitutional. On multiple occasions the House has tried to pass LAWS to enact Obama’s executive orders, Obama has promised to veto the laws, and the Senate has killed them. This is a separation of powers crisis — Obama wants nothing more than to delay Obamacare, but only if it is done lawlessly, through an executive order, with the unopposed principle that Congress has no right to participate in the making of laws.

    The Democrats have shut down the freaking government to avoid passing a law which says that Congress and the Executive Branch have to follow the Obamacare law. This section is totally non-operative, idle chit-chat — the Congress and the Executive Branch ALREADY have to follow ALL of the clauses of ALL of the laws according to the Constitution. THAT is what is being fought over.

    It’s not a question of WHAT the law is going to be, but the question at issue here is WHO makes them. They are called “lawmakers” for a reason, and Obama is trying to destroy our entire system of governance in order to prevent them from making laws — even when they are passing laws that are exactly the laws that he claims that he wants.

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