Stop it!

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Whenever you feel yourself about to utter the I-word (impeachment), Stop it!  Just Stop it!

It makes you look like a fool, much like the President made himself look like a fool when in the space of a single sentence he contradicted himself when he said of the arrest of a black Harvard professor: we don’t yet know the facts of the case, but the police acted stupidly.

We don’t yet know enough of the facts surrounding Benghazi-IRS-AP to really know what happened, certainly not enough to begin saying the I-word.

So when you find yourself about to say the I-word, take Bob Newhart’s advice:

“S-T-O-P . . .  new word . . .  I-T!”


Da Tech Guy agrees:  The Impeachment Trap.

If it gets to the point where what we know is that damning, it will be Democrats who will be screaming the I-word so as to distance themselves from crimes.  Until then.  Stop it!


Rep Chaffetz and National Review’s Andrew Johnson:  Stop it!

Tim Dunkin:  Stop it!

Sen Inhofe:  Stop it!

Pamela Geller:  Stop it!

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