Somebody’s budget is going to get cut: my family’s or the government’s

Byline: | Category: Taxes & Spending, TN Politics | Posted at: Monday, 18 June 2012

Tomorrow evening Nashville’s City Council will decide whether or not to implement a large increase in the city’s property tax.  It is a tax increase that has the backing of the mayor, the chamber of commerce, and a host of “respectable” organizations. 

Let me tell you why I am against it.  When it comes right down to it, this is a tax increase sold on the basis of paying for the salaries for policemen, firemen, and teachers.  In truth, it is a bill to raise taxes to continue to pay government workers who were only hired as a result of the President’s “stimulus” bill, which was supposed to be a temporary Keynesian measure to get the economy going again.  Obviously, Keynesianism didn’t work.  It never does in practice, but the theory sure sounds good.  Now, rather than cut the city’s budget, the city’s “leaders” think that I should cut mine.

Bottom line:  somebody’s budget is going to get cut this week.  Either Nashville’s city budget will take the cut, or the residents of Nashville will take the cut in their own family’s budgets in order to pay the tax increase. 

If you live in Nashville, have friends or family in Nashville, or just care about Nashville, now is the time to contact your council representative and urge him or her to reject the Mayor’s budget.

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