The Life of Brian

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I just got my hands on a copy on the soon-to-be-released Obama-Biden web advertising that will follow the Life of Julia montage.  This is the “Life of Brian” and looks at Brian through the years to see how the Obama-Biden policies help his life.  Below are stills of the pictures that I’m being told are right now being added to the President’s re-election website.  You saw it here first!










UPDATE:  Thanks to Glenn and Alex for the links.  While you’re here, check out the Stag-Nation where Brian lives.

Alert commenter Graham has informed me that the release of the “Life of Brian” Re-Elect ad is being held up because the Obama-Biden campaign is negotiating the rights for the use of this as a theme song for 2012.

MORE:  Based on the huge success of this series, the Obama-Biden Re-Elect campaign has hired Iowahawk to update Julia’s life.

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14 Responses to “The Life of Brian”

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  2. Graham Says:

    No “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” reference? How disappointing.

    Ed: Damn. I should have thought of that.

  3. Astro Says:

    ‘Stacyation’? Is that anything like a staycation?
    And your tent posts are in wrong, but no one cares.
    For a pro-Mitt piece, the tone wasn’t very positive for Mitt. (“Brian misses…, Brian rarely gets to…, Brian wastes…, Brian is unable…”) These are the pro-Mitt themes? Did the Marketing Department review this before it went out? Selling your candidate with negative action phrases seems like a bad idea.

    Ed: Spelling fixed. Thanks.

  4. David H Dennis Says:

    Wow, those cartoons were only a little cruder than the ones the Obama administration used, and with (I’m sure) 1% of the budget! Go Brian! :).

    Seriously, very nicely done.


  5. David H Dennis Says:

    Astro, I think you missed the point. This was supposed to be from the Obama Administration’s point of view, so of course they would put down Mitt.


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  7. Bob59 Says:

    This is totally not fair. My two oldest kids are named Julia and Brian, really. Incidentally, Julia is finishing her third year at a prestigious private school and will graduate with a mechanical engineering degree and only about 10,000 debt. She has informally been offered a permanent job with the defense contractor she has interned with for the past three years. Her loans will be paid back in a few months after graduation. Her “Life of Julia” is far more interesting. BTW she is a Republican.

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  9. Sam L. Says:

    Just a quibble: Cub Scouts are in Packs, not Troops, and do not go to jamborees. Camping is rarely done in Cub Scouts. Boy Scouts camp more often, typically nearly once a month, but Mitt might not be able to go with Brian more than twice a year.

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  13. Question Says:

    First slide seems inappropriate

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