That’s nice; now what about jobs?

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I suppose I ought to say something about President Obama’s flip-flop on gay marriage.  Instead, I’ll tell you what I wish Mitt Romney had said when he was asked about the President’s stance:

“That’s nice; now what about jobs?

In fact, that should be Mitt Romney’s response every time he is asked about gay marriage, immigration, guns, Trayvon Martin, global warming, eating dogs . . .  

Pretty much everything except the economy, taxes, and spending is a distraction from the issues that are really important.  Mitt Romney should drive the point home that everything else is secondary and frivolous and that he is not going to allow the debate to come off that point.

P.S.  If you’re really interested in what I think about gay marriage, here’s a couple recent posts that shed some light on that.  But rather than expect you to read them, here’s a two-word summation:  Don’t care.

MORE:  Roger Simon concurs and offers a warning:

“The issue is a sideshow intended to distract. If our country goes the way of Greece – and writing this from the City of Los Angeles, it’s not so hard to imagine – you can forget any issue, whatever your favorite one is.  You won’t be living in America anymore.”

UPDATE:  Thanks to Ed at Insty’s Place for the links.  While you’re here, this is a story that’s not directly about jobs, but I bring it around to that point:  She deserves pity, not a punch in the throat.  (There’s a bonus Blazing Saddles clip at the end.)

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14 Responses to “That’s nice; now what about jobs?”

  1. Instapundit » Blog Archive » THAT’S NICE; NOW WHAT ABOUT JOBS? While he’s no longer actively blogging, the Don Surber Rule is … Says:


  2. Rich K Says:

    Ditto ditto ditto Bob. Ad infinitum.

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    […] Or to put it another way, “That’s nice; now what about jobs?“ […]

  4. Jeff Says:

    ” is an important, but not an urgent issue. Our stalling economy, lack of new job opportunities, and and reckless spending are the most important and urgent problems we face as a nation. My opponent’s abysmal record speaks for itself. His administration has spent our nation into ruin with a failed stimulus plan, frozen the job market with a ill conceived health care plan, and stifled business with bureaucracy and needless regulations. Of course he want’s you to talk about . Because he can’t talk about his economic record, it is indefensible.”

  5. SDN Says:

    Until we rebuild America without Leftists, just as the Founders built her without Tories the first time around.

  6. richard40 Says:

    its the economy stupid

  7. Instapundit » Blog Archive » OBAMA THE SOCIAL ISSUES FIREBUG: The idea is to keep the Republicans chasing around, tamping down s… Says:

    […] Or to put it another way, “That’s nice; now what about jobs?” […]

  8. Robert Says:

    To the extent this principle has a name, it’s “the Surber rule”:

    And this hammer should be used every single day until the election.

  9. Martin L. Shoemaker Says:

    I submit that “That’s nice” doesn’t work in all cases. Some of the distractions will be faux tragedies, and “That’s nice” will be seen as minimizing those. But “That’s interesting” works in all cases. “That’s interesting; now what about jobs?”

  10. That’s Nice….Now what about JOBS « Newsbeat1 Says:

    […] Bob Krumm […]

  11. bell curve Says:

    Overall, this is a good strategy, with this exception: immigration is not a mere social issue. Illegal immigrants are swallowing up all the new jobs being created. If we force ALL illegals to go home, unemployment would drop dramatically, (in spite of all the BS that illegals “Do the jobs Americans won’t do.”) Fight unemployment, enforce our borders, and force the illegals home. This is an employment issue, not just a cultural/social issue.

    Ed: You’re about four years too late. They are going home. Net migration from Mexico to the United States is now negative as Mexico currently has a lower unemployment rate. Sorry to burst your bubble, but when the housing bubble burst, so did the “problem” of illegal immigration. How’s that working out for you? The influx of immigrants was a feature, not a flaw. The only flaw to the feature was that we didn’t vet them.

  12. sestamibi Says:

    Or as they used to say, “staying on message”.

  13. CT conservative Says:

    I would argue that Romney already “gets it” as shown in the link below. He just needs both more practice delivering the rebuff/message in ways that do not look “annoyed”. If you google “romney legalization marijuana” you will see all the leftie sites calling him out for his demeanor, not for wanting to change the subject to matters of real national import.

    The Left is smelling blood and they realize it is not Romney’s…

  14. CT conservative Says:

    BTW, that “blood” would be the latest Rasmussen tracking poll results. I think we can expect new attacks on Rasmussen to be launched in the week ahead.

    I can hear the faux outrage now: “How dare that fat guy Rasmussen limit his poll to ‘likely voters’ and disenfranchise all those ‘adults’ who are not likely to vote?!”