Chief Sh*tting Bull dumps on own family

Byline: | Category: Culture, Race | Posted at: Tuesday, 8 May 2012

1/32 Indian Elizabeth Warren is also 1/32nd descended from a Tennessee militiaman who marched the Cherokee away on the “Trail of Tears.”

Does this mean that she would have to pay restitution to herself?

Again, this just demonstrates the idiocy of affirmative action.  If it is meant to overcome past prejudice at the expense of those who acquired past benefits, then Elizabeth Warren sits on both sides of the equation.  That’s true of a lot of Americans, including President Obama.  Actually, that’s not even true in his case, as his black half is second-generation African and was never subject to slavery in North America.

If anything good can come from this farce, it is a growing recognition that affirmative action’s days need to end.

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