Are you better off than you were 12 years ago?

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It’s a powerful message.  In one succinct question it allows Hillary to summarize the worst of both Obama and Bush.  If I were the President I’d be very afraid.  If I were the Republican nominee, I’d be very afraid too.

The numbers bear that out.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Instapundit for the link.  While you’re here, take a look around.

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11 Responses to “Are you better off than you were 12 years ago?”

  1. Instapundit » Blog Archive » A CAMPAIGN SLOGAN FOR HILLARY: “Are you better off than you were 12 years ago?”… Says:

    [...] A CAMPAIGN SLOGAN FOR HILLARY: “Are you better off than you were 12 years ago?” [...]

  2. Half Canadian Says:

    The problem is that she can’t run. If Obama declines to run again, it’ll look like he was forced out, and if she beats him in a primary, it’ll look like racism.
    Either way, the black vote will be furious that their guy was prevented from getting his second term, and their turnout will be much lower than it was in 2008. So much so that no Democrat may beat a Republican.

  3. TB Says:

    We were at the end of 2007.

  4. Brian Macker Says:

    Unfortunately Bill Clinton set the ball rolling on this economic crash by leaving Greenspan in power. It was a sham economy during his term with the internet bubble. It only seems like you are doing great during the first phase of a Ponzi scheme.

  5. jmulcahy1 Says:

    Why? She held no elective office and was the First Lady serving crumpets in the Blue Room, sizing up the silverware she was going to pocket when Bill left office. She can take no credit for the economic boom of the 90s.

  6. deepelemblues Says:

    Except that Hillary as a potential candidate has none of the flaws that Hillary as an actual candidate has – the same way Rick Perry was a juggernaut in the few weeks before and after his announcement.

    Having to go out and politick every day and be a real, official candidate, especially as an intra-party challenger to an incumbent, when that incumbent is Barack Obama, is a lot different from being the media-starved Secretary of State whose husband happened to have had the last decent presidency.

  7. James Says:

    You are better off than you were twelve years ago only in the sense that people were better off on October 28, 1929, the day before the stock market crash that marked the start of the Great Depression.

    The bubble grew from 1996 to 1999 and crashed in January 2000. All economic bubbles crash. The NASDAQ lost $2.5 trillion before Clinton left office in January 2001, and the DOW also cracked and started down, but at a slower rate.

    The economy was in precarious shape during Clinton’s last year, when the DOW P/E ratio peaked out at an unprecedented 46 (a range of 7-26 is normal), while the NASDAQ P/E ratio reached a phenomenal 65. For comparison, the greatest DOW P/E ratio before Clinton wss 32, just before the start of the Great Depression.

    Even so, Hillary has recently claimed that, except for George Bush, the Clinton surplus would have reached $5 trillion, a patently absurd statement from a patently absurd woman.

    The markets are leading indicators and unemployment started down a scant two months after Bush took office. The miracle was that Bush held unemployment to 6.3% and created a sharp rebound in the economy with employment, growth, GDP, and the markets hitting new record highs.

    Unfortunately, the Democrats’ Unaffordable Housing Project hit in 2007, creating the greatest worldwide economic crash since the 1930s. LBJ’s War on Poverty utterly wasted $6.6 trillion, leaving us with a $6 trillion national debt. Clinton’s bubble added $3 trillion to the national debt. The Democrats’ Housing Bubble has added $5+ trillion to the national debt and counting.

    Until the American people figure out who is causing the problems, we will go from crisis to disaster to catastrophe. What comes after catastrophe?

  8. Junk Science Skeptic Says:

    As things stand right now, unless the Republicans make a serious effort to lose on purpose, there isn’t much, if anything, that can save Obama’s chances of re-election.

    Can we really believe that the DNC will just take one in the cheeks and slip quietly into the night on Obama’s behalf?

    Hillary has always been more of a hawk than anybody since Reagan, she just through Holder and Napolitano under the bus over Gun-Gate, and she has Bubba’s tech bubble economy to point to as an “I know how to fix this” example / “better off than 12 years ago” tagline.

    Additionally, I’m going to take a safe guess and say that there are more non-black voters who are women, than black voters male and female, so Hillary has a huge advantage with identity voters.

    How much more do you need to take enough of the swing vote?

    If I was running the DNC right now, I’d be figuring out what it would take to pull Hillary in after the first few primaries. And I suspect I know the answer – guarantee her the same sort of primary coronation the DNC engineered for Obama in 2008.

  9. Junk Science Skeptic Says:

    oops, make that “threw Holder and . . . “

  10. teapartydoc Says:

    If she is the nominee, the black vote will rip asunder for a generation.

  11. LogicalUS Says:

    I still get a chuckly over the adoration of the oh so progressive leftists of Hillary Clinton. Someone who epitomizes everything that the Leftist proclaim to hate about America and Western civ.

    A women who rode the coattails of a husband and leveraged her role as a supplicant wife willing to overlook sexual harassment, philandering and unfaithfulness in abasement of Bill’s power and status. So little concern that she was willing to destroy fellow women and leftist to protect her man. She then barged into New York and won election to Congress as “Bill’s wife”? And not only that but she and Bill together have never own a company, invented or ran anything yet they both have become multimillionaires by selling access to power to the higgest bidders.

    All of these stand in stark contrast to the stated “principles” of leftists, they universally love Hillary and hate a women like Sarah Palin, who ran for offices and governor HERSELF and on her own. The bizarro world of leftist is truly scary to witness.