A Proposed Constitutional Amendment

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Glenn points us to an amendment proposal designed to force Congress to operate under the same laws that apply to citizens.  It’s an interesting idea, albeit one that might contradict the portion of Article I, Section VI exempting Congress from arrest during session.

But since we’re on the subject of Amendments that impart fairness (or rather, equality), here’s my proposal:

1.  Congress shall levy no tax on individual citizens except that it be applied equally to all and without threshold, exemption, deduction, credit, exception, or limitation of any kind.

2.  The Federal government shall be required to operate without an annual fiscal deficit except in years containing a period of declared war, not to exceed four consecutive years or to exceed a total of four years in any consecutive ten year period.


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One Response to “A Proposed Constitutional Amendment”

  1. Sean Braisted Says:

    1) So, basically, are you proposing that those making $15,000 a year pay the same level of taxes as those making $500,000 a year? I know Republicans like to stick it to the poor, but can you not see how 25% of $15,000 means a hell of a lot more (in terms of the ability to live) than 25% to a person making $500,000? Not to mention, your plan would even more dramatically hurt parents who rely on the Child Tax Credit or small business owners who file business income as personal income and deduct or exempt business expenses.

    2) Requiring a balanced budget in times of recession would simply lead to a greater recession/depression as the states and federal government would be laying off workers to meet their budget, increasing unemployment. Also, the Government couldn’t meet its obligations for non-discretionary spending such as Unemployment insurance, Medicaid, etc…unless they effectively gut other areas like, say Military Spending, which would further hurt growth in the country as defense contractors would have to lay off workers, thus further increasing the number of unemployed, thus further increasing the strain on social services and private charity, and also further depressing wages as the labor market gets further tilted towards the supply side.

    Otherwise, great ideas all.

    1) And that also means that the wealthiest pay the same FICA on all of their income, not just the first $110k. No one should be exempt from the taxes they require of others. No one.
    2) Keynes is dead, notwithstanding Paul Krugman’s hyperventilating attempts to resuscitate his corroded ideas.