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Since every great political movement needs a bumper sticker slogan substitutable for actual thought, here’s one that capitalizes on the language increasingly coming from Washington these days.

“Bush did it too.” 

Memorable, short, and to the point.  The acronym “BDIT” has the added bonus of being pronounceable, unlike that unwieldy “WWJD” I see on the backs of jalopies in the less fashionable neighborhoods of some of those backward states. 

So if you’re tired of having to justify to your conservative friends how it’s different when President Obama fills his staff with former lobbyists?  Don’t bother.  Just “BDIT.”  Or when President Obama signs a bill that no one on his staff or on Capitol Hill has read, simply shut Republicans up with their awkward memory of the passage of the Patriot Act, when you respond “BDIT.”  It’s a phrase that works great in any number of situations:  Guantanamo, shafting injured veterans, the national debt–all kinds of potential unpleasantness is easily avoided when you remind Republicans that President Obama is exactly the same as Bush.  And isn’t that what real change is all about?

Plus, BDIT, pronounced Bee-Dit, sounds just like “beat it,” which is what we’d really like to tell those red state knuckle-draggers.  “Beat it,” as in, “Enough already with all that principled opposition; we won god damnit!” 

Which, come to think of it, would make a great bumper sticker too:  “WWGD.”  Too bad you can’t pronounce it.

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3 Responses to “BDIT”

  1. » Giving the apologists what they deserve Says:

    [...] Now it’s a bumper sticker! [...]

  2. Paul Says:

    Oh great. A Michael Jackson earwig…’just Bee-Dit’. Thanks a lot! *grinz*

  3. Herb Says:

    The rub here, though, is that the full statement would have to be something like, “Obama Ran on Promises and Words and Nothing But, as he had No Record, but, Man!, what Great Promises! And a Lot of them were to NOT do what Bush Did, Now He’s Breaking All of Them. But it’s Okay. Bush Did It To.” ORoPaWaNBahhNbMwGPAaLotwtNdwBDNHBAoTBiO-BDIT.

    I’ll sign on to that. Need to get a bigger car to fit this on the bumper, tho.