You are Barack’s biggest liability

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election | Posted at: Saturday, 1 November 2008

Susan Estrich’s latest column is here.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, let me summarize it for you: 

The media has already declared Barack Obama the winner.  Don’t fight it.  If you’re undecided, you have to vote for him at this point or you’re a racist.  If he loses there will be riots and it will be your fault.

Frankly, if I were an undecided voter her threats would inspire me to vote against Obama just to spite her.

Actually Estrich is emblematic of Obama’s biggest disadvantage.  And since it’s too late for Democrats to fix it now, I’ll tell you the secret so that you have a chance to find a remedy by 2012.  

It’s you, Barack Obama’s own supporters; you are his greatest liability.  You’re assholes.  Not all of you, but too many of you.  Certainly the ones who took him to heart when he urged you to get in people’s faces, but a lot of you didn’t need the encouragement.  Susan Estrich included.  People might not mind seeing Barack Obama in power, but it’s you they fear having in charge.  And that’s why he still might lose.  It’s not racism.  It’s assism.

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4 Responses to “You are Barack’s biggest liability”

  1. avery Says:

    So true.

  2. ELIZABETH Says:

    and…there will be RIOTS whether Obama wins OR looses – back to the 60′s when NO excuse was needed. It will be good to be a plate glass window salesman in the inner-cities and and homeless shelters. OBAMA-RIOTGATE, methinks. We need to keep clinging to our religion and …what was the other thing?…..

  3. Daily Pundit » mmm…crispy Says:

    [...] How…interesting. Union thuggery is an even better reason for McCain supporters to clam up than generalized Obamunist assism. [...]

  4. Diane Says:

    I have been reading all your comments over the past several days, and it is always interesting to hear the other sides opinion (I support OBAMA), however I do agree with you that people who push race as an issue are WRONG!!…Negative energy is not good for anyone, and no candidate needs that. There were friends of mine who live in a very conservative GOP area, and she is an OBAMA supporter. She put her sign in her yard and her people egged her house for 2 weeks straight. So you see, McCain has “liabilities too”. I was at the rally last night in Chicago for OBAMA and it was amazing!!! All the energy of all races together, not because he was a black man, but because we believe in him. I pray that the “liabilities” stay out of the way and let the “assets” set up and be noticed…