Who does Hillary really support?

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election | Posted at: Monday, 3 November 2008

Two days before the election and what outcome would Hillary Clinton rather have:  an Obama presidency or a stronger majority in the Senate?  Her location is all you need to know to answer that question: 

She was in Lexington, Kentucky–a reliably red state–campaigning for US Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford.

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21 Responses to “Who does Hillary really support?”

  1. Lee Says:

    Lunsford will do much better in this state than Obama will. McConnell should win, but it’s much closer than would normally be.

    (Though being aware of his danger and spending lots of money, McConnell has run a horrible campaign while Lunsford has done right that he can control, campaign wise.)

    With Kentucky being one of the first states to report, this Senate race will determine pretty early off if Democrats can get close to 60 or not.

  2. Mike in KY Says:

    Lunsford isn’t going to happen.

  3. jc Says:

    Her and Bill have been useless on this campaign. They should both be ashamed of themselves……….
    It is obvious from their non-participation that they are NOT democratics but ‘usocrats’ if it could not be them, they were not going to help ‘the’ other guy………..

    Shame on both of them

  4. Nate Whilk Says:

    So, jc, that tolerance of dissent thingie isn’t important any more, huh?

  5. luagha Says:

    Maybe if Obama hadn’t flipped Hillary off she would have been more motivated to help.

  6. DelD Says:

    Ashamed of themselves?

    Given the way Obama and his surrogates demonized Bill and Hill, Obumbler should be glad they were gracious enough to endorse him, however tepidly.

    He’s lucky they’re not out there stumping for McCain.

  7. willis Says:

    “It is obvious from their non-participation that they are NOT democratics but ‘usocrats’ if it could not be them, they were not going to help ‘the’ other guy………..”

    Or they believe that Obama is a horrible choice for President and cannot bring themselves to sell out their principles for personal advantage. After all we are talking about liberals here.

  8. Dan Cleary Says:

    I don’t know enough about each individual House/Senate race to make a prediction, but I will say that Norm Coleman should prevail over Al Franken.

    I actually think McCain will win tomorrow. I know the polls don’t show that, but it’s hard for me to imagine independents and so-called moderates breaking in large numbers for Obama, especially when the alternative is the quintessential moderate John McCain.

    The popular vote will be more or less split, but I think that McCain will win the Electoral College 275-263. The margin will be even greater if McCain can pull it off in PA.

  9. TRO Says:

    Obama is lucky Hillary didn’t campaign against him the way he and the Democratic leadership treated her.

  10. Jackson Laurence Says:

    #3 – I’m not so sure about that – she was in VA yesterday, at the Patriot Center rally. VA isn’t so reliably in the Obama column that her presence there doesn’t shore up the D vote and maybe troll for some wavering R’s. The Electoral College is where the action is, and VA is an important pickup, if O gets it.

  11. Mwalimu Daudi Says:

    There are 3 scenarios facing Hilly the Hun (in order from least likely to most likely):

    3. McCain wins (BTW: near 100% possibility that this will not happen). The Hun still has a chance in 2012 by running an I-told-you-so campaign, but having brought down the House of Clinton once before Democrats might be uninterested in propping it up again. Beside – this year has whet their appetites for a Messiah, and the Democrat Party never lacks for Messiahs-in-waiting.

    2. Obama wins, and in four years is such a huge liability for Democrats that they frantically search for the Next Messiah. The problem is that Hilly is a straight white woman, and the Next Messiah must be a hipper, sexier Chosen One (if there is anywhere in the Democrat Party a lesbian handicapped Latino woman on welfare with several children by different men and who has amassed a lengthy police record for defying immigration laws and blowing up animal research labs, she would be a shoo-in to be anointed as the Next Messiah).

    1. Obama wins, and He fights off the Democrat Party establishment to get around the pesky white-male document called the Constitution and terms limits on the President (Bloomberg-style). In that case Hilly better be careful, or she might find herself on a one-way trip to some undisclosed secret Re-Education Camp in the Alaskan tundra to room with other “racists”.

  12. BigBobinNortheastKY Says:

    Dittos re Mike in KY comment but the gut feeling is it’ll be a little closer than usual call than usual for Mitch.

    Hilary doesn’t want an Obama win. If that happens she’ll never have another shot at the White House. I heard Rush today mention that the PUMAs are aware of that fact and just might be a surprise factor tomorrow. Sure hope so.

  13. hga Says:

    Uh, she’s also in Missouri today campaigning for Obama (1pm in St. Charles, a St. Louis suburb, which is pretty close to Lexington, Kentucky).

    Biden and Palin are also here today and Obama was here on Saturday … I feel important ^_^.

  14. kgg Says:

    Hillary wants a McCain win so she can run in 4 years. Bill wants a McCain win for the same reason. The Messiah/kool-aid cult phenomenon will be an historical embarrassment the Dems will not want to repeat.

  15. Democratics Says:

    But I thought all democrats were “usocrats.” I also thinkMcCain wins, tomorrow. These “Undecided” numbers are huge!

  16. SukieTawdry Says:

    Arthur Schlesinger’s personal diaries revealed that the Democratic establishment couldn’t stand Jimmy Carter. He wrote that George McGovern said he, his wife and their children voted for Ford. Jackie O voted for John Anderson. I don’t know who Hillary–or Bill–will vote for, but I’m betting his (or her) name doesn’t begin with Barack.

  17. Ben Says:

    I have to disagree with comment that McConnell has run a horrible campaign. He has not, but he did hurt himself supporting the bailout scam.

    On the other hand, Lunsford has run a very lousy campaign (if it weren’t for his money the Dems would written this saet off). If McConnell had run this kind of campaign in 1984 against Dee Huddleston (the Democrat he defeated to win his senate back then) he would have never been in the US Senate to begin with.

    The funny thing is that Hillary projected herself in the coming battle in our state house over the speaker’s chair. She has now supported former AG Greg Stumbo over the incumbent Jody Richards who is opposed by our idiot governor because Richards won’t support his legalized casino gambling plan. Thus making this the topic of our local news rather than her Lunsford endorsement (pretty much negating whatever benefit that might have brought).

  18. dooz Says:

    jc (#3) says, “Her and Bill have been useless on this campaign.”

    Point 1. Okay, so after what Obama did to Hillary, you’d expect different?

    Point 2. Obama doesn’t need the Clintons. He has the whole Chicago Daley machine at his disposal.

    Point 3. It’s “She and Bill…”. Judging by your command of the English language, I’d guess you’re a product of the liberal so-called educators of our day.

  19. Dave Says:

    Gee, Hillary was stumping for Obama in the key battleground state of Utah just a week or two ago.

  20. pat Says:


  21. Bob Says:

    “John McCain the quintessential moderate?” Are you nuts? If this were a normal election, he’d be running as a moderate Democrat.

    Also, John McCain was never the maverick the press made him out to be. He is simply an attention whore — he’d take whatever position got him the most coverage, even if that meant taking a position contrary to his party’s (which is what usually happened). Feh.

    I’ll vote for him simply because the alternative is so horrifying for America’s future. But a Republican he ain’t.