Auntie illegal

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election, Media | Posted at: Saturday, 1 November 2008

So Barack Obama’s much beloved aunt lives in a slum in Boston.  He never helped her financially. 

Okay, you’re not expected to be responsible for all your relatives’ well-being, although it’s certainly stupid politics.  But as a U.S. Senator you can definitely help with an immigration hearing.  Congressman do it for their constituents all the time.  (She wasn’t his constituent, but Obama friend John Kerry could have helped her out.)  He cared enough about her to take her money.  Why didn’t he help her?

This whole Aunt Zeituni episode is just another shameful indictment of the American media.  Within a week of the announcement of Sarah Palin as the GOP’s veep candidate they investigated everything about her and her family.  However, nearly two years after he declared his candidacy for an even higher office, Barack Obama is still an unknown.

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One Response to “Auntie illegal”

  1. S-townMike Says:

    This is the same last gasp October surprise stuff that George H.W. Bush pulled in 1992 when his campaign went through Bill Clinton’s passport file trying to find any dirt to discredit him. Nothing ever changes in a close race, especially with Rupert Murdock around to help try and make some of the spaghetti stick to the wall.

    Do you ever take a principled stand these campaigns or does everything here simply amount to channeling their gotcha strategies?