Aunt Zeituni is the October Surprise

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election | Posted at: Thursday, 30 October 2008

The first 15 minutes of Rush Limbaugh’s show today is devastating.  He contrasted the story of Barack Obama’s aunt living in a Boston slum with Barack Obama’s rhetoric:  “I am my brother’s keeper,”  “Whatever we do to the least among us,” etc.  I’ll try to find the audio.

This is the kind of story that gets legs.  It is the October Surprise.  And I called it–to the day.  (Okay, the story came out Wednesday night, but since it was in a London paper, there the story was released on the Thursday before the election.)

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One Response to “Aunt Zeituni is the October Surprise”

  1. S-townMike Says:

    But wait, I thought it was ACORN that was supposed to bring Barack down.

    There have been so many surprises that one more in October hardly makes a difference. The GOP continues to look like it is stretching to win, unless of course this is just among the first shots in Republican attempts to defeat Obama’s first budget.

    My guess is that Rush Limbaugh (isn’t he a drug addict?) is warming up for 2009.