Fold and re-deal

Byline: | Category: Government | Posted at: Tuesday, 30 September 2008

If you play poker like I do from time to time, you have experienced a hand so bad that you wish you could draw five entirely new cards.*  The more I ponder yesterday’s (in)action in the House, the more I realize that the cards we Americans hold in Washington–that is, our representatives in Congress along with the Administration–is so bad that I want an entirely new hand.

*In five card draw you can normally draw only three cards, four if you show the ace in your hand.  Our hand in Washington contains no aces.


The Music City Oracle agrees:  Can anyone state an argument for not removing the leaders of both parties in the House from their respective positions?

Victor Davis Hanson surveys the Washington landscape:  An entire generation of leadership is failing, as the world watches aghast.

Peter Wehner concurs:  We are in one of the most dispiriting moments I have ever witnessed in Washington, when political authority seems to be collapsing all around us.

We may be at one of those points in time when we see a major realignment of political parties.  While today it certainly looks more likely that Barack Obama will be elected President than it did yesterday, I’m watching voters express outrage toward Washington and Wall Street that doesn’t contain within it a call for a larger liberal Democratic government.  I can imagine over the next four years that we could witness the emergence of a populist, anti-Washington group that is absolutely agnostic toward the concept of Washington involving itself either for or against any sort of social issues.  I could get behind such a movement.

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One Response to “Fold and re-deal”

  1. Jim Boyd Says:

    Shout, shout, shout. Bob, it seems like that’s all the politicans do now adays.

    May I get a redeal too?