Steve Gill Show

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I will be on the Steve Gill Show (1510 WLAC in Nashville and other stations around the state) today (Saturday) during the 9:00 am (Central) hour.  Ben Cunningham of the Tennessee Tax Revolt is guest hosting.

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One Response to “Steve Gill Show”

  1. Tregonsee Says:

    As a Viet Nam era vet, I got a chuckle out of your description of the “primitive living conditions.” Actually, we airplane drivers had it pretty good as well, including AC. What has amazed me is the improvement in communications. In 1973, mail took about 3 months to get through military system. Sometime around February there was a change, and we got a month’s worth of mail at one time, and after that the lag was 2 months. Yippee! Compare that with today’s e-mail and VOIP.

    Thanks for all the great work you are doing.