Randi Rhodes still has a show?

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As soon as I read this story linked on Drudge,

AIR AMERICA host Randi Rhodes Suspended for Clinton Remarks…

I had three questions:

1.  Randi Rhodes still has a show?

2.  Air America is still on the air?

3.  If calling Hillary Clinton a “big f-ing whore” is grounds for adverse action because the network “does not condone such abusive, ad hominem language by our hosts,” then why are not most of its hosts on indefinite suspension?

You can watch a video of the comments that got her fired here.  Except for the f-bombs, it’s typical drivel that I’ve heard her spout on the radio numerous times before–only about conservatives.


Now I understand why there were no groans or boos in the audience when Rhodes trashed Clinton and Ferraro:

Christian Grantham does some digging and discovers that the event where Randi Rhodes spoke was promoted on Barack Obama’s website.  Sure, the campaign distanced itself by saying that it was a KKGO event, but they were proud enough of Rhodes’ help to highlight it on their website and even to encourage people without tickets to show up in case there were no-shows.  They even had a way to sign up for the event on Obama’s webpage.  Clearly they were happy to have Randi Rhodes’ help.

Strangely, the media is awfully silent about the clear connection to the Obama campaign.


Christian made a comparison in the comments below that is spot on.  He likened Randi Rhodes’ remarks to those of WLW host Bill Cunningham.  If you remember, when Cunningham introduced John McCain at a campaign event in Cincinnati, he purposefully highlighted Obama’s middle name “Hussein” at least three times during his short remarks.  When he came to the stage John McCain immediately said that Cunningham’s comments were uncalled for.

John McCain was right to do that.  Now, will the press push Barack Obama to distance himself from Randi Rhodes for her comments which were even more hateful?

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9 Responses to “Randi Rhodes still has a show?”

  1. Sean Braisted Says:

    I tried out Air America when it first came out, and Randi Rhodes was a big turnoff. I can handle listening to idiotic conservatives, because it makes me feel better….when I hear stupid liberals, my heart bleeds (more than usual).

    NPR it is.

  2. Christian Says:

    Bob, that’s what got me digging. When I saw so all the reports simply say the comments were made at a March 22 event without any mention of what the event was, I found that very lazy and disturbing. When I discovered what the event was, I was shocked. Either the media didn’t have time to dig AND didn’t ask “What was the event” or they simply didn’t want to report it. My HOPE is they were all typically lazy. It took me hours to find the answer, and I found out the sponsor had aided in the lack of info by removing info from it’s own website. If it were for the Obama campaign forgetting that they promoted the event, I would have never found it.

    Now the ball is in the media’s court. Do they now go after Rhodes like they did Bill Cunningham? Do they now report the comments were part of an Obama event promoted on the Obama campaign’s website?

  3. DownriverDem Says:

    Air America is what folks need to hear. There is way too much right wingers on the air.

    Wake up folks. The times they are a changing and the consevatives are going to be on the side lines for a while. Don’t cry. Its for your own good and the rest of the country’s own good.

  4. Christian Grantham Says:

    The Obama campaign has responded:


  5. Bill Robertson Says:

    I listen to Air America, Sean Hannity and Fox News. I still find Michael Savage the most entertaining of them all.

  6. Matthew Says:

    Off topic.. I’ve read on a couple of other blogs that you will be going to Iraq. Thank you for your service to our country.

    Why am I reading this on other peoples blogs and not yours?

  7. Maggie45 Says:

    What Matthew said….God speed, Sir.

  8. Bill Robertson Says:

    I agree. Thank you for serving and stay safe.

  9. Former Belgian Says:

    If you’re indeed going to the sandbox, G-dspeed, sir.

    Back to the post: I used to be irritated by what I perceived as the sophomoric game of saying Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Then I freaked out when I learned that this is his ACTUAL middle name, and that (however else he may self-identify) according to Sharia he is technically a Muslim. And I don’t think that drawing people’s attention to this (the H-bomb?) is equivalent to dropping the F-bomb. In his place, I would have changed my middle name ages ago.

    DownriverDem: give me a break. You guys already have turned the MSM (except for Fox News and the WSJ) into a wholly owned subsidiary of the Donk party. On the ‘net it’s 50:50, while talk radio is generally perceived as a right-wing oasis. What I’ve seen and heard of Air America makes even Ann Coulter seem thoughtful in comparison. (Now THAT’s an achievement.)