Blackburn on McCain’s short list?

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A South Carolina blog claims to have seen the five names on John McCain’s short list for Vice President:  Joe Lieberman, Charlie Crist, Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, and Marsha Blackburn. 

Blackburn would certainly be a good choice to help consolidate some of the Talk Radio Conservative who claim that they’re going to sit out the election rather than vote for John McCain.  The Tennessee Republican congressman is fiscally conservative, strong on illegal immigration, and a supporter of victory in Iraq.  She is also a scrappy fighter who came to prominence as a Tennessee State Senator who spearheaded the successful fight to stop a state income tax proposed by a Republican governor, and then emerged successfully from a heated primary over two better-funded candidates to win her first term in Congress in 2002.  Blackburn is also a darling of Talk Radio Conservatives and frequent guest on their shows.

The blog claims that the McCain campaign is also considering a “secure the center” strategy which would allegedly put 27 states, instead of the usual 12 to 14, into play for Republicans in November.  The leaked memo claims that

. . . the inevitable outcry such a centrist strategy would bring from conservative talking heads like Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh, noting at one point that their “vocal indignation” would actually help attract the more moderate voters McCain is targeting.

Rush Limbaugh agrees, saying just last week that his criticism of McCain helps his strategy of peeling votes away from Democrats disenchanted by the bitter fight on their side:

McCain wants criticism from me. He’s going after Democrats and independents, not conservatives. And if he wants those votes, the best thing that could happen is for me to criticize.

It’s a good strategy–particularly against Barack Obama, who is so far left of center that his nomination would leave America’s political middle completely vulnerable to Republican conquest.  But if that is his strategy it probably means that Blackburn won’t be McCain’s veep choice.

John McCain’s advantage in all this is that he doesn’t have to choose which route to take until after the Democratic nominating process has played itself out.  If somehow Democrats do manage to make amends by the end of their August convention then McCain will likely choose a traditional “secure the base” strategy, in which case Blackburn is the perfect choice.  If however, the bitterness and division still exists in the Democratic Party after a divisive convention, then McCain has a great opportunity for a landslide by capturing the middle.  Joe Lieberman and Tim Pawlenty could be better choices under that scenario.

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23 Responses to “Blackburn on McCain’s short list?”

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  2. Nathan Ketsdever Says:

    Just proves Rush L. is a for profit talk show monstrosity–not even marginally different from the National Inquirer. Actually worse, because he makes people angry based on irrational fear and sloganeering.

  3. Blue Heron Says:

    Rush Limbaugh remains unexcelled in his ability to elicit candid but usually repressed eruptions of denial from Progressives.

    “DENIAL—A defense mechanism that simply disavows or denies thoughts, feelings, wishes, or needs that cause anxiety. The term is used purely for unconscious operations that function to ‘deny’ that which cannot be dealt with consciously.” [Arthur S. Reber, “The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology” (New York: Penguin Books, 1985), p. 186]

  4. mickey Says:

    HA HA HA Marsha Blackburn Conservative? Please tell McCain to take her from us here in the 7th district. PLEASE!

  5. Flash Gordon Says:

    If the election is closer than many people think it will be, McCain may live to regret his eschewing of conservative voters. They have stayed home in the past when they were disrespected by the candidate. It does not take very many of them staying away from the polls on election day to change the results of a close election, as most presidential elections have been in recent years.

    A smarter strategy would be for McCain to explain to moderates and independents why a conservative government is in their interest and good for the country. Why settle for only moderates and independents when you could have them and conservatives too?

    Well, if you’re McCain and you just don’t like conservatives I guess you don’t think that way.

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  7. Denny, Alaska Says:

    No. 6: Sarah Palin.

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  9. Jabba The Tutt Says:

    Marsha Blackburn? Never heard of her and I’m a big talk radio consumer of (national programs). Where’s a black Republican on his list?

    To Nathan Ketsdever: Of course Rush is a for-profit Talk Radio guy (monstrosity?). He has profit center breaks, in which he charges advertisers confiscatory rates to reach his audience. The New York Times is for profit, as is 60 Minutes, as is all the important media. Got that one out of the way…

    Now, how does Rush’s self-awareness, that his criticism helps McCain prove that “…he makes people angry based on irrational fear and sloganeering.”? Is Rush’s critique of McCain irrational? Is it simply fear-mongering? I thought Rush was in the pocket of the GOP and simply followed Rove’s Talking Points?

    Or are you saying that Rush is following the Rove plan, that he really loves McCain and is following the plan by criticizing McCain?

  10. cme Says:

    “Just proves Rush L. is a for profit talk show monstrosity”

    Nathan, Rush has always, always, always been very clear that he is out for profit and is more interested in entertaining and getting a large audience than he is in carrying water for Republicans, particularly Republicans he’s not fond of. Democrats always seem surprised when Rush “goes against Republicans”, but people who actually listen to his show aren’t surprised.

  11. Aaron Davies Says:

    If it’s Lieberman, can we call the ticket Unity ’08?

  12. syn Says:

    Observation from one who prior to 9/11 used to believe the populist mantra that ‘Rush was a right-wing nutcase out to destroy America’ without ever listening to show: since 2003 I’m a daily listener.

    McCain’s problem is that his campaign believes bashing Rush, who isn’t running for office, will be the way to win elections.

    McCain and the country-club GOP need to seriously begin thinking of ways to get donations and bodies willing to GOTV for him; his base of moderate/independent voters are not going to fill these needs.

    Do moderate voters even know what a phone bank is? Are they really going to get up early Saturday mornings to GOTV for McCain?

    The GOP will have to rely on moderates to GOTV because GOTV is a job that the country-clubbers will not do.

    McCain is campaigning against a party full of political activists who are experts at GOTV. McCain’s only prayer left is a divided Democrat Party; he ought to get on his knees and thank Rush.

    That said; I voting for the troops and their mission not really a Conservative today McCain

  13. Carlos Says:

    Marsha Blackburn’s a good conservative, and even sort of hottish. But, no executive experience, which is McCain’s top talking point against Boy Obama. Might have to go with good ol’ Haley.

  14. Korla Pundit Says:

    OT: What happens if a candidate who has locked up his party’s nomination has a stroke or something before the election?

    Does the party get to choose another candidate? Do they lose by default? What is the mechanism?

  15. paul Says:

    my veep choice would have been tom ridge.
    continuity of Iraq, in case McCain gets sick or dies.

    would also help with Pa…

    Marsha blackburn-incredibly knowledgable and well spoken. I’m a big fan of Illiana Ros-Lehtin, but I caught blackburn of Fox news, repeatedly, and was completely blown away.

    EVERY time she is on, she hits/supports an argument from what could only be a list of bullet points, that she herself understands.
    Very bright star for the gop, but she is no bobby Jindal.

    She can state(and understand) the gop position better than any other male/female out there.

  16. paul Says:

    the dumbest choice?

    Joe Lieberman.

    Does Mccain really want to run iraqi operations without Lieberman in the Senate?

    While the senate is 51-49, on Iraq it is 50-50. Joe will give a great, reasoned speech in support of MCain at the gop convention, but it will seem rather holllow of Joe is just auditioning for the veep spot.

    I don’t really remember any Bush commercials that had Cheney endorsing his own ticket. Putting Joe on the ticket would provide zero momentum coming out of the convention.

  17. Mark Says:

    If McCain is going for a “secure the base choice,” J.C. Watts is a better choice than any mentioned. Strong credentials in both the religious and business communities, and well respected by the party faithful for his work w/ GOPAC.

    If he’s trying for a run to the center, I’d say that Gov. Linda Lingle of HI would be a better answer. As a Jewish woman, she’ll appeal to disaffected Hillary supporters. As a Gov. who’s converted a large budget deficit to a surplus with high employment numbers. Coming from HI, she’s used to working with a hostile legislature….which will be handy in the role of President of the Senate.

  18. Greg Smith Says:

    Blackburn would have to give up her seat to run. A better choice would be Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. She is a solid conservative.

  19. Indga Says:

    Rush and McCain are playing the Dems like a harp. It’s a one-two strategy that will result in the GOP sweeping the WH and Congress.

  20. Daniel Says:

    I personally love Joe Lieberman as a Senator, but he generated zero enthusiasm among voters in his ’04 presidential run, and probably did not add much as veep to Gore’s ticket. If Lieberman could not even decisively carry Florida for a Democrat, what can he carry?

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  23. Joni Says:

    Where is Mitt Romney’s name on this list? Big mistake,John! Hear our message … there are many, many thousands of conservatives waiting for you to make the move toward Romney if you want our support.