Kamikaze Cochran

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election | Posted at: Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Yesterday when Ed Driscoll interviewed me for an upcoming Pajamas Media segment on XM Radio (UPDATE:  Here’s the interview) I told him that Democrats are surely recording all the Republican anti-McCain harangues so that they can run ads attacking our nominee with our own words in the fall.

It’s already started.  Here’s Harry Reid quoting Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran’s comments about McCain:

The thought of him being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper, and he worries me.”

Thanks a lot.  For all the yammering you do about how John McCain is the end of Reaganism you sure as heck didn’t follow Reagan’s eleventh commandment.

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63 Responses to “Kamikaze Cochran”

  1. amanuensis Says:

    If you are a conservative, you are pro-life. Consider this: “Freedom of Choice Act”, HR1964, S1173. This proposed law brought by Gerald Nadler and Barbara Boxer will negate all restrictions put on abortions by the states. I repeat: all restrictions. In the event you do not understand what I am saying all the labor of pro-lifers for the past 35 years is gone. Poof! Yes, you guessed it Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have already signed on. Either of these two will support and promulgate this law. Now, do we remember Bill Clinton and his executive pen. Let’s see RU-486, Fetal Tissue Research, Partial Birth Abortion, Abortion on Military Bases; additionally, on the very same day: Gays in the Military and Motor Voter. Conservatives have a lot to think about and they could think in a clear and logical way if they would put aside their pride and rage and think about what is really going to happen if a Dem occupies the White House.

  2. Mark Says:

    “our nominee with our own words”

    What passes for republicans these days need to get over the idea that conservatives are “our” bitch.

  3. michael i Says:

    Similar to GK (February 6th, 2008 at 2:10 pm) I’ve been asking McCain’s lettuce-eaters a similar question:


    Any takers?

  4. Sensible Says:

    Ah, the purists that spent the last 8 years arguing on blogs as a substitute for action are upset that McCain is the likely nominee.

    They will turn away from him in November, they say, since its “childish” to vote for him. 8 years passed as you gave loyalty to Bush till it hurt too much to continue. But only because the left hated him so much. The left’s slavering, slobbering rage against Bush blinded you to his spendaholic ways, but you did nothing. Now you have no one. No one. Not one commanding leader. So you whine. Too bad!

    You fools might have spent some time in the last 8 years building a base behind someone, but nooooooo, blogging with each other is so much fun. Survey the scene: what do you have to show for 8 years? Zip. Why? Because you can’t build a majority to save your life. While the Left has consolidated its hold on universities, unions, and cities what have you done? What? Where? Zip! If it wasn’t for FOX you’d be worse off.

    Build a majority on fair principles; tax fugitive companies that locate off shore; stop wasting another minute trying to eliminate the estate tax; raise the child tax credit; do somehting (no not just blog) about skyrocketing tuition at universities sucking on the federal teat; do things like this and the voters will come! stop whining!

  5. alan143 Says:

    What would Reagan say to Rhino McCain? Goodbye.

    Me I’m checking out the new premises:

    Ed: What would Reagan say to Tip O’Neil? “Come on over after work and lets have a drink.” Reagan famously reached across the aisle to get things done.

  6. BC Says:

    Well folks, I’d like to just point out that what is going on here is actually what is supposed to happen. We are having a healthy, inter-party debate. We are fleshing out our grievances and airing out our laundry. This is healthy. This is necessary. Granted, some of the end-all type of comments aren’t needed, but people are pissed and need to vent.

    I count myself as leaning toward the F%#k McCain camp. However, VDH and Hewitt are persuasively reminding me that we are a Party; a coalition of mostly like-minded folks who wish to see our vision of the Country’s direction promolgated. This is 2006 all over again. Did anyone learn anything from that debacle? Without Bush in office, Iraq would currently be a LOSS.

    If people stay home, not only will the Dems win the White House, they may very well get enough strength in Congress to withstand any fillibusters. Sound like a fundemental plan for us conservatives?

    Let us all take these next few months to bleed our spleens and calm our nerves. Then let us all unite and get to the business of defeating the most left-wing candidate (either Hillary or Obama) since McGovern. In the meantime, let’s start gleaning good charismatic conservative candidates for the future. Right now, the cupboard looks bare.

  7. Eliza Says:

    “For instance, the man has been very anti-abortion.”

    No he hasn’t. And he’s said he wouldn’t support an amendment banning abortion. That’s why Republicans For Choice have endorsed him.

    But the question I want answered is this. We’re a nation of 300 million people, millions of whom are conservatives. And yet the men who apply to be our nominee, time after time, either lack sufficient political skills to be president or lack a principled commitment to conservatism. Why? We haven’t had a decent candidate step forward since 1980.

    Ed: Fred was also against an amendment banning abortion. That’s why National Right to Life have endorsed him. BTW, what have you personally done to groom that young candidate in your area of the country so that twenty years from now he would be ready to run for the Presidency?

  8. Parzival Says:

    In case it needs to be reiterated, the Democrats are responcible for their canidates, and we are responcible for ours.
    That being the case, I catagorically refuse to support McCain. At any level.
    I’ve actively supported Thompson, Forbes, and Gramm in primary bids, so I’ve done more than my share of voting for the lesser-of-evils. But supporting a demagogue who’s spent his career holding my positions in open distain?
    It’s simply not going to happen.

    The big lesson of 2006 was that Conservatives are sick of being taken for granted by politicians who ask “where else are they going to go?”
    There are few signs that the answer has been received. But it will be.
    Now, I realize full well that there is no “ideal” canidate, and that an obession with purity isn’t healthy. But we can certainly do a lot better than canidates that publically disparage our idealogical positions and casually break faith with us.
    In our political system, these politicians are accountable to us, and we have a responcibility to hold them accountable. And the only place the vast majority of us can do this, is at the ballot box. (Especially now that our highlighting issues important to us is now largely banned near elections.)

    For those of you who say that unless you vote for McCain, you lose your right to complain about a Democratic administration, you might want to take a moment and familiarize yourself with the First Amendment. (Although I suppose it’s fitting that McCain supporters would tend to overlook it.)

  9. K Says:

    The folks defending McCain are missing the point. I don’t care if you love or hate him, he’s bad for the country. I’m not a particularly religious guy, but there’s a reason Jesus said “be either “Yes Yes!” or “No! No!”. You can’t oppose evil if it looks and acts almost like good. There simply isn’t a clear delineation between McCain and the Democrats. It’s what brought him to prominance and to point it out now isn’t a “derangement syndrone”, it’s the sad truth.

    If you want to see the future of McClain, check out Britain, where the conservative party is virtually identical to labor. I spent most of my life opposing the “one party state” of the Soviet Union and I’ll be danged if I’m going to support one over here.

  10. Tycho Brahe Says:

    “What passes for republicans these days need to get over the idea that conservatives are “our” bitch”

    Ah, I see… If you insist on not nominating our guy, we will take our votes and go home… real mature – especially with the future of the country at stake…

    Aren’t you forgetting that the definition of “conservative” is not an all-encompassing term? In other words, there are such distinctions as “fiscal conservatives”, “social conservatives”, etc.? The Reagan coalition was made up of diverging viewpoints that joined together for a common purpose.

    If anything, I am a fiscal conservative and, quite frankly, could care less about much of the social conservative agenda. However, I have repeatedly voted for social conservatives because I somehow believed that such social conservatives (e.g., Bush) would look after my interests better than the Democrats. Bush did well on tax policy, but spent more than most liberals were asking for on entitlement programs…. that faith was not well-placed.

    The point is this: The conservative coalition is made up of many different viewpoints. Some of us, who are more likely to relate to McCain than Huckabee or Romney, didn’t fail to show up to elect Bush (twice) just because Bush didn’t act fiscally conservative on spending or was bad on immigration… we still showed up and the nation is better for it (unless you prefer a Gore or Kerrey presidency, I guess).

    We fiscal conservatives could have easily said “Bush is a spendaholic” and not shown up to vote because we felt that our views were being ignored and the religious/social conservatives merely viewed us as their “bitch”. The evangelical crowd and social conservatives wouldn’t have Alito and Roberts on the Supreme Court. Perhaps, you would have had another 2 Ginsburg clones …

    McCain is a conservative – he may not be conservative in all areas, but he is a conservative. He is good on military policy, foreign affairs, spending and abortion. He may not be ideal on immigration (hell, Bush wasn’t either…) and some other areas…. but, let’s think about this… isn’t he a better alternative than Hillary or Obama???

    “For those of you who say that unless you vote for McCain, you lose your right to complain about a Democratic administration, you might want to take a moment and familiarize yourself with the First Amendment. (Although I suppose it’s fitting that McCain supporters would tend to overlook it.)”

    Duh. Of course you have the “right” to voice your opinion. However, what we are saying is this – if you do not vote, then those who did could not care less about your “opinion”. If you had the opportunity to do something that would prevent Hillary/Obama and failed to do so, then we have no desire to listen to you for 4-8 years complain about the increase of the welfare state, institutionalization of abortion, higher taxes, surrender in Iraq, etc.

    Anyone that thinks Hillary/Obama would be better than McCain is seriously deluding themselves. Have you listened to anything that Hillary/Obama have said??

    “I’m not a particularly religious guy, but there’s a reason Jesus said “be either “Yes Yes!” or “No! No!”. You can’t oppose evil if it looks and acts almost like good. There simply isn’t a clear delineation between McCain and the Democrats.”

    No – did you seriously call McCain evil (invoking Jesus)? Did you seriously say there isn’t a clear delineation????? Then you clearly no nothing of McCain other than what Rush Limbaugh tells you….

    Abortion – McCain is anti-abortion and has supported conservative anti-abortion judges. Obama and Clinton are liberal, pro-life and would most likely support pro-abortion judges. This is a fact.

    Taxes/Spending – McCain is not a proponent of irresponsible spending and increased taxes. Obama and Clinton have both supported an increase in taxes. Fact.

    Iraq – McCain has been a strong supporter of our troops and the war effort. The man personally lived through torture, so I am willing to allow that his no-torture stance is at least informed – while I disagree, I can respect that opinion. Obama and Clinton would surrender and run from Iraq.

    And so on….

  11. Tycho Brahe Says:

    A quick thought on Rush Limbaugh.

    I realize that my comment in 59 might be construed as a slight to Rush…it was not intended as such, so I would prefer to clarify that up front.

    Rather, here is what I meant. I have been a Limbaugh listener for the past 10 years. I find the guy funny, engaging and intelligent. I enjoy his show. However, Limbaugh has an agenda against McCain.

    Limbaugh has never liked McCain because, on occasion, McCain has acted in a manner that was not lock-step with the Republican party (that doesn’t mean he wasn’t right at times…) and has attempted to be bipartisan. McCain has also never tried to court Limbaugh.

    So, McCain is running for the nomination… Limbaugh rails agains McCain and essentially endorses Romney (o.k., I know that he says that he is not endorsing anyone, but when you loudly decry Huckabee and McCain even after Thompson gets out of the race… who is left? Romney is… so, de fact endorsement).

    The point is this… Limbaugh – like many of the commenters here – needs to understand that while McCain may not be his ideal vision of a conservative, he is certainly much better option than Hillary/Obama.

    The race is essentially over at this point. So, why not figure out the best way to beat the Democrats rather than blow up the entire Republican part????

    I was a Thompson supporter while he was in the race, but unfortunately, conservatives failed to turn out to support him. Now, we have McCain as the nominee. I like McCain – not my ideal candidate – but, he would be so much better than what the Democrats offer.

  12. Tycho Brahe Says:

    “What passes for republicans these days need to get over the idea that conservatives are “our” bitch.”

    O.K…. I am sure that you will find so much success in the Democratic Party. Oh wait. Probably not. O.K., well maybe the Libertarian Party. No, probably not. How about the Green Party? Shoot. Probably not…. Get the picture?

  13. Korla Pundit Says:

    If you don’t vote for Kodos in November, then don’t complain when Kang is elected President.

    Oh, that’s right: what’s the difference?

    That’s why we’re complaining now that either one of them will be elected. Congratulations to Dem operatives for successfully sabotaging the primaries.