Ask them about Berkeley

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election, Iraq, Military | Posted at: Saturday, 2 February 2008

With the California Democratic Primary coming on Tuesday do you think any media outlet is going to ask the two candidates what they think the federal government should do about the situation in Berkeley.

RELATED:, a far left website ostensibly founded to encourage Americans to “move on” from the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal has now moved on from the Clintons themselves. They have announced their endorsement of Barack Obama. I suspect he wishes that they wouldn’t have endorsed him and that he would welcome the Berkeley question as an opportunity for a Sister Souljah moment.


RedState opines: “This is more of an indictment of the media than it is of the Senators in question.”

Instapundit: “Clinton and Obama have already stated they’ll enforce the Solomon Amendment.” True, but the Solomon Amendment applies to schools not cities. Plus there’s the issue of criminal trespassing and interference with government duties. It should be an easy question to answer if any in the media feel compelled to ask.

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8 Responses to “Ask them about Berkeley”

  1. Park Slope Pubby Says:

    No. It wouldn’t even occur to them. It is up to the conservative media to keep this story front and center throughout the next year. Berkely should never get away with it. Thank you Drudge. You are the best copy editor in America.

  2. Craig Says:

    First Principle: Do not embarrass Dear Leader(s) or cause them to reveal their true positions.
    There will be no such questions.

  3. Justrand Says:

    Of course they will NOT.

    I though DID remind the Mayor (via email) of these simple facts:

    In a FASCIST State (which they claim this is, and that the Marines are an arm of) one of the purposes the military serves is to SILENCE (often brutally) those who would dare to insult them!!

    In OUR country the military DEFENDS the right of the Berkeley City Council to insult them!!

    I reminded the Mayor that abusing that “right” does not make him and his cronies any less despicable. I also reminded him that if he and his crew ever WERE threatened the military would be there to save them…because our military, unlike the Berkerley morons, is composed of honorable people!

  4. Tim Says:

    Yeah, sure. What are you smoking?

  5. Krumm: Ask Them About the Moonbats in Berkeley : American Pundit Says:

    [...] Bob Krumm thinks the media should ask the Dem candidates about the Moonbats protesting the presence of the military in Berkeley. I’m not holding my breath, Bob. [...]

  6. Dan Says:

    Instapundit has a response — a reader says both Hillary and Obama have said they will enforce the Solomon amendment.

    Commenters, make sure you don’t do any research before making assumptions.

  7. Charlie Says:

    I lived in Berkeley. There’re few Democrats there… too right wing. There’re Greens, Socialists, Socialist Worker’s Party, anarchists…

  8. Steve Says:

    I’ll ask this here.

    The Federal anti-racketeering statute, RICO, was successfully used in the 90s to prosecute among other anti-abortion protesters (who happened to be blocking clinic access).

    Why can’t Code Pink be brought under RICO investigation?