Vote fraud in New Hampshire?

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So far in this race I’m something like zero for infinity on predictions, but here’s one I feel safe in making:

If Hillary Clinton ekes out a win over Barack Obama in New Hampshire after being down in the polls and dismissed by the pundits, you can bet that the word “DIEBOLD” will start to appear quite frequently next to the name Clinton.


Ed Morrissey wonders where all the Paulestinians have gone since they’re no longer spamming his anti-Paul posts with their conspiracy-mongering rants? Answer: They’ve now jumped on the Clinton-Diebold bandwagon.

Pull up a chair and browse trough some of these links. Especially the comments. Their wacknuttery is hilarious.

Cadillac Tight peers into the swamp that is Democratic Underground.

Drunkard’s Lamppost posts a logical counter to the conspiracies . . . obviously he’s in on it.

The comments at the ABC News blog read like DU: Our guy lost so it must be fraud.

Right Wing Nation links to a few nuts.

Michelle Malkin calls it Diebold Derangement Syndrome

So here’s my next prediction: If it hasn’t already been advanced, someone will claim “proof” that the GOP was behind vote fraud in the Democratic primary because Republicans can’t beat Obama. They NEED Hillary to be the nominee. So the big question is this:


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4 Responses to “Vote fraud in New Hampshire?”

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  3. mark hazlewood Says:

    The Fix is in — We must stop it.
    The programmers from Israel created the software. The electronic
    voting booths have long since been taken over by the ptb with this
    software. I learned this from the X-CEO of American Free Press before
    he resigned after finding out the ptb police force (CIA) had taken
    over his paper. This was learned 4 years ago.
    He said the machines themselves have 3 modes of which only 2 are taught to the operators.
    There was at least one article written about this in the American Free
    Press. This CEO (who’s now in his 80’s) family was also threatened if
    he went into more detail about how the ptb fix elections. Today there may be another way they are doing this. I don’t know. There’s much
    more than what has been mentioned here. If you think your vote counts
    in all situations, think again. Many know Bush was never elected but
    stole both elections. The Rabbit hole goes much deeper than most
    suspect. The major media is almost completely owned by the ptb (powers that be). To
    believe a major election won’t be tampered with is simply naive.
    It turns out there were enough exit polls having been taken by mid
    afternoon in NH to declare Obama a winner by a margin of 20%. A few
    news broadcasts did just that!!! Clinton was all but conceding at that
    Fast forward to 8pm with 1% (tens of thousands) of the vote counted,
    Obama looked to be even a bigger winner with 59% of the vote to Clinton’s 22% on the TV screen,
    then the software (new or old) Magically kicked in all at once, Boom!
    Today I found out the software has a code name: PROMISE is what they call it.
    The software seemed to be very stiff and not at all even attempting to be life like or real.
    There was no transitional period from Obama having 59% Hillary’s 22% to the
    next percentages showing Hillary ahead by 2-4% (both in the mid to high 30’s).
    From the time they turned on the software, there was no
    fluctuations with them trading leads, which would certainly be true
    during the early counting if the election was truly that close. Just the same 2-4% Hillary lead all the way from having 2% of the vote counted on up. So the PROMISE software kicked in early but not at the beginning of the count & because of how stiff it
    was for those in the know it was PLAINLY OBVIOUSLY BEING USED.
    Please spread around. The rest of this election will be the same if
    something isn’t done.
    Mark H
    Look what I found here. I’m not the only one crying foul.
    Voting fraud is clear in the NH primary. The voting machines need to
    be shut down, turned off, broken if need be to count votes accurately
    & by hand & stop the dishonesty.

    January 09, 2008

    The Diebald Voting Machines miscount votes and precients and hand
    count shows Sen. Obama actually won in New Hampshire.
    Diebold favors Hillary, hand count for Obama
    Wed, 01/09/2008 – 05:46 – clark

    I used the Comma delimited database: NH municipalities hand count vs
    use Diebold machines from BlackBoxVoting. org to see if there was a
    deviation between the results from precincts which used hand counts
    and those which relied on Diebold machines. The results were
    astonishing. :

    Updated: 5:05 AM (EST) – Results tallied for 209 out of 236 of the

    By Percentage
    Method Hillary Clinton Barack Obama
    Diebold Machines 53.23% 46.77%
    Hand Count 47.47% 52.53%

    By Votes
    Method Hillary Clinton Barack Obama
    Diebold Machines 82860 72807
    Hand Count 18898 20912

    By Number of Municipalities Won
    Method Hillary Clinton Barack Obama
    Diebold Machines 54 33
    Hand Count 43 77

    About 81% of the votes will be “counted” by the Diebold machines

    ED: I don’t normally allow what is obviously a cut and paste mass reproduced spam comment, but this was just too funny to send to spam hell.

    Let me add this too. Those who believe that “the fix is in” and your vote won’t count next November: You’re right. So please, don’t even bother voting.

    Mwahahahahaha . . .

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