Iron your own damn shirt!

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Which is what I would hear in my house should I demand such ironage from my wife. That’s why I send my shirts out to be drycleaned instead.

Hillary, however, heard the chant, “Iron my shirt!” from two young twenty-something males who heckled her from at a New Hampshire college today.

Is your BS detector going off yet? It should. These kids who allegedly yelled this taunt are half my age, but are displaying the sexist sensibilities of Archie Bunker, who by the way, would be so old that I doubt that either of them even know who Archie Bunker was.

There are a number of other folks skeptical about this whole scene:

Mary Katherine Ham: “Is it just me, or is an overtly sexist attack of this nature– something we haven’t seen in the campaign yet to my knowledge– just a little odd and almost too perfect?”

Comments on ABC News’ Political Radar blog:

“They sound like Clinton plants.”

“wow…how convenient that these two idiots happened to bring these signs today after the teary-eye display earlier. Plants for sure.”

“what a coincidence! Obama starts beating the tar out of Hillary… and magically, she gets a chance to give an “I am woman, hear me roar” moment.”

And my personal favorite: “Hillary has made her campaign as believable as Big Time Wrestling.”

All the Clinton lies over the last two decades have come home to roost. And as has always happened before, it is those who surround Bill Clinton, and not Bill Clinton himself, upon whom the roosting birds deposit their crap. Even if this was not a setup, who is going to believe her? No one, as everyone seems to believe that she has yet again pulled out the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” card from the deck.

My guess is that she stacked it.


Michelle Malkin

USA Today is skeptical, calling it a “seemingly” sexist chant.

Anne Kornblut is buying it. But perhaps she should ask herself: exactly why is this attack “unprecedented”?

ALSO: A picture of one of the alleged culprits. Recognize him?



Thanks to an alert Boston area reader, it looks like we know who our culprits are. They aren’t troglodyte misogynists. Nor are they Clinton plants. Worse . . . they’re radio shock jocks.

I guess we all gut sucked in to believing the worst that we suspect about others. Feminists assumed that these were legitimate chauvinists, and I presumed a Clinton plant.

The person in the picture above is apparently “Adolfo” from the “Toucher and Rich” show on Boston station WBCN.

Here’s a better picture of him (on the left)


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14 Responses to “Iron your own damn shirt!”

  1. Freddie O'Connell Says:

    I’d say this sounded like tripe from the vast right-wing conspiracy, but it was my first instinct, too.

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  3. Anonymous in Boston Says:

    These guys are Adolpho Gonzalez and a special needs student known as “Intern Nick”. They work on the Toucher and Rich radio show which is broadcast on WBCN in Boston.

    There’s some history here. One of their bosses (the “Rich” in “Toucher and Rich”) made headlines about ten years ago by holding up a similar IRON MY SHIRT, BITCH sign in front of several female protesters at the Masters tournament in Augusta.

    These are no Hillary plant, just an obese Mexican-American and his challenged partner trying to make a name for themselves.

  4. J. Nickel Says:

    That guy is a plant.

    Watch the video. Moments after he first stands up he leans over towards the isle putting the sign within grasp of the lady who ultimately takes it form him. The lady snatches the sign, single handedly, out of his 2 handed grip, without a fight. And before anybody confronts him or forces him to leave, he immediately begins struggling towards the isle with best possible speed given his size.

    Also, look at the security guy hustling the protester out. He’s putting an awful lot into it for a guy who appears to be escorting out a compliant guy who’s strolling along adjusting his coat. It just doesn’t look professional, it looks like more bad acting.

    All told the body language screams out “scripted”.

  5. Jeeves Says:

    I wouldn’t trust her to iron my shirt properly.

    Perhaps I might trust her to fold my laundry or warm up some leftovers for me. Just thinking of it makes me feel bipartisan tingling all over.

  6. davod Says:

    May be shock jocks, but are they liberal shock jocks.

  7. BillF Says:

    Good work “in Boston.”

  8. JJ Says:

    Would she even know how to iron a shirt?

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  11. Vol Abroad Says:

    Perhaps I might trust her to fold my laundry or warm up some leftovers for me. Just thinking of it makes me feel bipartisan tingling all over.

    Bob, your commenters demonstrate that the “iron my shirt” attitude is actually pretty pervasive. The Clinton campaign doesn’t need a plant and it isn’t a conspiracy, it’s a widely held notion that women’s sphere is the domestic and not much further. It’s couched as a joke, but it’s meant as a warning. Don’t get too uppity, woman.

    But I’m sure that even though you send your shirts out that your ironing skills are tip top – one of the many advantages of time in the military.

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  13. A Controversial Woman Says:

    A plant by the Clinton campaign?

    If you believe that, you probably also believe that:
    1) 9-11 was an inside job,
    2) JFK and his brother was assassinated by the FBI,
    3) the Apollo mission to the moon was faked,
    4) the US Government is hiding a captured UFO in Area 51,
    5) Princess Dianna’s death was faked so that she could live in isolation,
    6) Princess Dianna was killed by MI6 (British Secret Service) because she was a threat to the British throne,
    7) Princess Dianna’s death was a cover for enemies who had targeted Dodi Fayed,
    8) Jews have a secret plan to dominate the world, and
    9) Paul McCartney really died in 1966

    Personally, as a transplant to New Hampshire (and feared as one of those “from away”), a 9 year resident of the state and a local politician, I have both witnessed and borne the brunt of this same form backward and immature behavior. Believe it or not, New England is actually way behind the Midwest in terms of intelligence and progressive thinkiing. It’s as if this sort of backward thinking is inbred, or worse, as if the women here have been brainwashed by the men folk to believe that politics is the birthright and dominion of those born male, and any woman foolish enough to step out of her assigned “role” by being assertive, competent, intelligent, equal to, or (heaven forbid) actually better than, her male counterparts, is labeled “controversial”, called “a bitch”, and treated as if running for office is above her station.

    I’m both embarrassed for the citizens of Salem and the State of New Hampshire, but I’m also appalled at the level of hatred and ignorance it took for those men in Salem to behave in the shameful manner that they did.

    These “men” (an I use that term very loosly) owe Hillary a sincere apology – and another apology to 53% of the world’s population.

    It appears that the sexism issue is still a big issue.

    I wanted to vote for Ron Paul. … but the behavior by those Bozos in Salem convinced me that I needed to vote for Hillary in order send a message to misogynists everywhere that this sort of behavior is unacceptable, outdated, and won’t be tolerated.

  14. nikki hardin Says:

    You only have to read some of these comments to see that sexism is alive and toxic in the USA.