Iowa, the choice is yours

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There are only three tickets from Iowa to New Hampshire. Two are already stamped with the names “Mitt Romney” and “John McCain”. The last ticket will be issued to either “Mike Huckabee” or “Fred Thompson”.

Iowa, you can nominate a candidate you agree with or you can nominate a man who can win the Presidency in November. Best of all, you can choose both, if you choose Fred Thompson. The choice is yours.


Pejman: “Remember: We are not voting for “Best Campaign.” We are voting for the person who would be the best President”

Cold Fury: “Few things would tickle me more than if the voters chose to reward not the candidates who began salivating for the job three seconds after George Bush’s hand came off the Bible at the last inaugural, but the guy who, like Reagan, wants to serve as, not “be” president.”


The Anchoress has this to say about Fred:

. . . he and Giuliani seem to be the only folks on the GOP side who make the other side squirm, which tells me they are perceived to be the only candidates who can give them real competition. And frankly, just watching Huckabee and Romney these past weeks, I’m inclined to agree – I don’t think anyone else from the GOP-side can overcome the Democrats and their friendly press. Romney still strikes me as too-groomed by half, and Huckabee as too slickly cynical; both ooze something I just don’t like.

Read the whole thing. (ht:GR)

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