I voted for Fred Thompson yesterday

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election | Posted at: Saturday, 26 January 2008

Why? Because, just like when voting for president in the general election you’re not voting for the candidate, you’re voting for a delegate. In the absence of my candidate, I have chosen to delegate my vote, my principles, my goals to some people I know and trust.

In Tennessee one can vote for up to twelve delegate who are apportioned statewide, and up to three additional delegates in each of the state’s nine congressional districts. I know many of these people. I can trust them to select the best person for the job when they gather in Minneapolis later this year.

My statewide delegates are Ron Ramsey, who says that he will still support Fred Thompson from the floor of the convention, along with Jim Bryson, Glen Casada, and Mark Norris Dolores Gresham. My district delegates are Beth Campbell whom I know and trust, and me. I wrote in my own name. I don’t expect to go to the convention any more than I expect Fred to win the nomination, but I haven’t wasted my vote. Instead I’m voicing my support for the principles that Fred Thompson espoused.

If you’re a Tennessee Fredhead who hasn’t yet voted and you want to send a message, deliver that message through a trusted delegate. I encourage you to vote for Fred and then select the same delegates: Bryson, Casada, Gresham, Ramsey, Campbell, and Krumm.

*Thanks to Glen in the comments below for pointing out my error. I don’t know what I was thinking. Different West Tennessee Senator, or soon to be senator.

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5 Responses to “I voted for Fred Thompson yesterday”

  1. Kay Brooks Says:

    Yes! Thanks for doing that and thanks for letting people know you did and why.

  2. Glen Harness Says:

    I don’t see Mark Norris on the sample ballot I just downloaded…

  3. Glen Harness Says:

    Duh, Norris isn’t in my district. Never mind.

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