Best ad ever

Byline: | Category: Military | Posted at: Saturday, 26 January 2008

After you watch the ad go to the website to learn how it was filmed.

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One Response to “Best ad ever”

  1. Amans Patriae Says:

    Didn’t Stefanie Coyote, the wife of Lefty actor Peter Coyote and executive director of the San Francisco Film Commission, reportedly bar the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team from appearing on the streets of The City by the Bay for the production of this recruiting ad? The 1996 Solomon Amendment provides for the Secretary of Defense to deny federal funding to institutions of higher learning if they prohibit or prevent ROTC or military recruitment on campus. Don’t we need a similar law applicable to cities, counties, and states which deny assistance to our armed forces?

    It is, indeed, a remarkable recruiting advertisement for our Marine Corps. Semper fidelis, Marines!