ABH: Anybody But Huckabee

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A cheer went up from the crowd of Fred staffers at the Greenville Embassy Suites when Fox News called South Carolina for McCain. No, Fred is not a stalking horse, but what has emerged here is a palpable contempt for Mike Huckabee and his campaign methods (push polls Upstate) and his outright lies and blatant pandering changes of position. CW is that conservatives have serious resevations with Huckabee and McCain. If this sample is representative of conservatives-and Fred’s campaign is certainly staffed with many Reagan conservatives-then Rush and Levin are only half right.


9:35. A groan greeted Huck’s appearance. And his mention of “honor” and “civility” to characterize his campaign here almost cost the Embassy Suites a big screen television since more than one person was ready to hurl a beverage at it.

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15 Responses to “ABH: Anybody But Huckabee”

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  2. Syl Says:

    Yep, Fredheads hate Huck. Shows that Democrats aren’t the only ones with elitists. I was leaning towards Fred ’til I saw what an angry old man he is.

  3. Davud Says:

    Mike repeated disavowed the push polling but is forbidden by law by McCain-Feingold-Thompson from contacting that 527 group – one that was *not* affiliated with his campaign. Mike has been targeted by plenty of these 527 groups himself which I don’t see the Fredheads whining about. So cry me a river Fredheads! Live by the sword, die by the sword!

    Your candidate lost not because of Huckabee but because he looked bored and tired. The only time he showed any life was to read off cue cards and light into Huckabee at the SC debate. Huckabee is weaker on paper, but he is a much better campaigner and public speaker.

  4. Mike Says:

    I am not as upset with Huckabee as I am the voters in SC. The tape I saw of him saying the constitution should be more like the bible and not the other way around is his macaca moment. He will never be elected president.

  5. wells Says:

    Neither are conservative. The difference is character.

    McCain will look conservatives in the eye and say “You’re wrong.” He’s honest in his flaws. We hate it, but we respect it. He’s a man of flawed ideology and tremendous character.

    Huckabee is willing to do or say anything to be elected. He’s no conservative. He’s saying, “Vote for me because I’m a Christian.” Or rather he says he’s *the* Christian, as if the others somehow aren’t. Identity politics is bad enough when the democrats do it, it’s disgusting that we’d sink to that level. The push polls, the pandering, the blatant, sudden changes in position. He destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas and has declared war on two of the three main factions in the national republican party.

    That’s why we resent Huckabee.

  6. K T Cat Says:

    Amen, wells! I’ve been a hugh FredHead, but this is probably it for me. I’m thinking of backing McCain and here are my reasons why.

  7. Dean Says:

    “Syl Says:
    “I was leaning towards Fred ’til I saw what an angry old man he is.”

    That sounds like an analysis by an emotional teenage girl.

  8. Scott Says:

    “Huckabee is weaker on paper, but he is a much better campaigner and public speaker.”

    Is it too much to ask that Republicans, supposedly the party of conservative and libertarian ideas, would vote for someone not based on how they campaign? Bill Clinton was a great campaigner.

    Huckabee wanted a smoking national smoking ban. Do his supporters know what federalism is? Because he doesn’t. I guess he did have some powerful endorsements, though- Rick Flair and the NEA.

  9. John Says:

    >>> He’s saying, “Vote for me because I’m a Christian.” Or rather he says he’s *the* Christian

    That’s the reason I *won’t* vote for him. My sense of separation of church and state won’t allow me to vote for a guy just because of his religion. It’s completely irrelevant; it’s like saying “vote for me, I wear a size 10 shoe.”

    And everyone outside of the bible belt will punish him for it. The press knows this, which is why they are so desperate to help him win the nomination with all manner of free publicity. Huckabee’s the easiest to beat.

    Ask him one question in the national spotlight and he’s finished: Do you believe in evolution or creationism? Done.

  10. Fat Man Says:

    Huckster shot the last of his juice last night. If he was going anywhere other than back to Hope, he needed to make a splash in SC, which is about a Baptist a sort of place as you are going to find. He has reached his apogee and will now fall to earth.

    Thompson had nothing to do with it. His voters did not belong to Huckleberry because both guys talk funny. Fred’s Dead. If I were him I would soldier on, not telling what could happen. But, he will not get out of fourth.

    My odds right now: Romney 1:2, McCain 2:3, Ruddy 1:10, Hucklebuck 1:20, Thompson 1:50, Somebody else 1:100

  11. Bob Smith Says:

    Sinners ALL OF YOU!

    Huckablee has to win! He is teh only one who will deliver us from the jaws of science and those who insist that evolution has been factlually observed!

    Huckablee will take us back 200 years so support him!!!

  12. Ray Robison Says:

    I liked Huckabee when I first started watching him. It was his “watch this ad I won’t run” stunt, his attack dog Ed Rollins, and potty humor chops on Thompson that lead me to realize this guy is a hack. I would rather hand the keys of the White House to Hillary. I support Fred, but if I gotta live with McCain to block Huckabee, then go McCain.

    Ray Robison is the author of Both In One Trench: Saddam’s Secret Terror Documents


  13. Banjo Says:

    Huckabee is running to be McCain V.P. That’s why you never hear him criticize the open-borders candidate. He’s also as mushy on illegal immigration as McCain.

  14. arlo Says:

    Maybe South Carolinians will foot the bill to have all the ilegals shipped there.

    Hillary says “Thanks, South Carolina!”

    After voting Republican for the last 30 years, I’ve had it. I’m ashamed of what the party has become. The Gipper’s body is doing about 10,000 rpms in his grave now.

  15. DiscerningTexan Says:

    I would have thrown something at the television too.