A Message to Florida Fredheads

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election | Posted at: Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Vote for Rudy Giuliani.

If you want Fred to be the nominee it can only happen through a brokered convention. Therefore, Rudy has to win Florida.

I actually think a brokered convention would be a great thing–even if someone other than Fred is the eventual nominee. Here is why:

A nomination from the convention floor could provide the greatest civics lesson of my lifetime. It would be broadcast on national television and garner great ratings. What an opportunity for Americans to see the presidential nominating process in real time as it goes through the tumultuous cycle of confusion, anger, compromise, and consensus. It would be the best reality show of all time. And educational too. Americans are severely lacking in civics awareness and this might be the kind of exciting event that could restore an appreciation for the whole election process.

All 50 states would become important in the selection of the eventual nominee. What an opportunity to shake up the status quo by showing Iowa and New Hampshire that the other 48 states get a say too. In so doing, a brokered convention would almost certainly force a redefinition of the nomination process before 2012, something which is long overdue for a total reevaluation.

Finally, a brokered convention is a huge free advertisement for the Republican Party. Every GOP candidate is out of money right now. Even Mitt is down to using his own cash. If this bruising nomination battle ends before the convention, the Republican nominee is going to go dark while he rebuilds a war chest. Meanwhile both remaining Democratic nominees are still sitting on piles of money. However, if the Republican fight goes through June without a clear winner from the primaries the media will cover this story EVERY SINGLE DAY while it’s the Democratic nominee who will be starved of free media oxygen. Remember 1996 when Bob Dole basically was off the air for three whole months, but his opponent could use the advantage of incumbency to make news without spending campaign money? A brokered convention would accomplish the same thing, only this time it would work to the Republicans’ advantage.

So if you support Fred (or Ron Paul or even Huck) the only way to keep the fight from becoming a boring Mitt v. McCain two-man race is for the winner-take-all state of Florida to award its delegates to Rudy Giuliani and set-up a huge three-way contest on February 5th.

So this Fredhead is endorsing Rudy . . . at least for another week.

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12 Responses to “A Message to Florida Fredheads”

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  4. Renaissance Guy Says:

    Good strategy. I’d be thrilled for Thompson to be nominated still.

  5. Mark in Texas Says:

    Best reason of all for a brokered convention. It would be, you know, all Republican delegates picking the Republican candidate.

    I know that it is probably kind of retro and regressive to think that Republicans ought to be the ones who pick the Republican Party candidate for President but what the heck, I am a conservative.

  6. harpers Says:

    I am holding out hope for a Giuliani/Thompson ticket. While he had arguably the best platform and ideas, Thompson just didn’t have the outward drive and dynamism that Rudy can bring to the top of the ticket…

    But can’t you see Thompson embarrassing the hell out VP candidate John Edwards in the summer debates?

    Giuliani is hardly out of it (assuming he wins in Florida) and I believe a Giuliani/Thompson ticket has the best shot at winning in November.

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  8. Matt Says:

    Rudy? Really? This is the hope? Rudy’s NYC history will kill him, and he has no hope of retaining the driving force of the Bush coalition – “values voters”. You think Dobson’s going to hand him that Focus on the Family mailing list? You think there isn’t more to come out of his days as NYC mayor?

    A few in the Republican party have already pissed away the Hispanic vote, are we going to make that up with the indiscreet adulterer crowd?

    If McCain is anathema because he’s got no respect for the First Amendment, then Rudy’s lack of respect for the Fourth ought to put him in the same class.

  9. Jay Says:

    Interesting strategy, but I’ve already sent my vote in to Florida by absentee. It was for Fred before he had dropped out. :(

    Anyway, Rudy’s anti-gun/pro-abortion stances scare me as much as Huckabee and McCain. I see your logic though. However, if a brokered convention came, what promise do we have that Fred would be considered or even want or accept it?

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  12. Greg Says:

    Rudy is a LOUSY candidate. His track record is a shambles: http://forgetgiuliani.org/.