67% of blacks are in prison

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election | Posted at: Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wishful thinking from Ron Paul.

His ludicrous claim comes at 3:05.

Make sure to stay around to hear Ron Paul’s pathetic excuse. It includes the requisite, “Some of my best friends are black.” Okay, he didn’t actually say that, but he did jump in with the fact that Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. were heroes of his.

If after watching this you don’t come away thinking that (a) Ron Paul is a racist or (b) Ron Paul so carelessly oversaw the operation that bore his name that he can’t be trusted to oversee the Presidency, then check a mirror so that you can see what a kook looks like.


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8 Responses to “67% of blacks are in prison”

  1. SayUncle Says:

    In the context of drug convictions, Paul is correct with his 67%.

    Paul’s been a kook for a long time. Sad that I’d rather vote for him than any other candidate the Rs have to offer. Well, except Fred. And he’s not doing well either.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    and I don’t think he’s racist. he just wasn’t paying attention.

  3. TLB Says:

    I have no idea why “GR” links to such worthless entries. It’s possible to think that RP is the worst person in the world while at the same time thinking the TNR author is the second worst, but I guess that’s too fine a point for GOP hacks to be able to make.

  4. TheevilConspiracy Says:

    Sayuncle, Ron Paul wasn’t talking about drugs, and no, your statistics are wrong anyway. He meant south carolina prisons, but there aren’t many blacks in south carolina. It’s a dishonest or incompetant use of data.

    You don’t think he’s racist? You’re insane. He obviously wrote all that racist drivel he’s now denying having written. Read them. Either some other congressman from his district with his wife and under his name wrote them, or he wrote them.

    And the idea that he’s not racist means he is one of the most incompetent fools ever to have breathed. How do you allow a publication under your name pretend to be you, repeatedly, while spewing Nazi talking points, and then accept fund raising efforts from neo-nazis?

    Ron Paul belongs in prison for his constant deceits.

    Anyone who doesn’t think Ron Paul is a racist is an awful monster of a person. Sadly, there is a lot of scum out there.

  5. Robert Muñoz Says:

    Well, the 67% statistic, while certainly off, he wasn’t making a claim of black inferiority. He was making the point that the war on drugs hurts blacks the most.

    How the hell is that racist?

    Look, I’m no Paul supporter, he certainly deserves to be hammered over his comments in regards to 9/11 and the war, but the distortions, half-truths and misquotes (all compiled by The New Republic, natch) being used against him are appalling. It’s BS “gotcha” politics at its worst! The most he’s guilty of is startling incompetence and bad judgement.

    Seriously, peruse the Reason talkbacks and you’ll find links to some insiders who worked with Paul (if I had known some bloggers were gonna stoop this low, I’d have saved them) who can pretty much confirm that he Paul had little to do with the newsletter (I think it was Wendy McElroy, could be wrong, who pleaded with the original author, probably Lew Rockwell, to out himself).

  6. Robert Muñoz Says:

    Hell, I can see why such a pro-statist (communist at one point, weren’t they?) rag like TNR is looking to cripple Ron Paul. From the article, Angry White Man.


    “But, as his campaign has gathered steam, he has found himself increasingly permitted inside the boundaries of respectable debate. He sat for an extensive interview with Tim Russert recently. He has raised almost $20 million in just three months, much of it online. And he received nearly three times as many votes as erstwhile front-runner Rudy Giuliani in last week’s Iowa caucus.”

    Of course! He’s gaining ground! Scream racism, that’ll shut that little sumb*tch up.

    Typical left-wing socialist nonsense.

  7. SayUncle Says:

    “You’re insane.”


    “He obviously wrote all that racist drivel he’s now denying having written”

    Well, that settles that! I mean, obviously you would know for absolute certain.

    “Ron Paul belongs in prison for his constant deceits.”

    And I’m insane?

    “Anyone who doesn’t think Ron Paul is a racist is an awful monster of a person. Sadly, there is a lot of scum out there.”

    Again, thanks! Coming from someone who advocates prison for people speaking, that’s the highest of compliments.

    Note: As I said, Paul is a kook and has surrounded himself with some bozos. And it cost him. Well, as much as it could cost someone who has no shot of winning.

  8. Brian Macker Says:

    Seems like option b) at this point. Although more evidence may roll in. You didn’t think he was a serious candidate, did you? Not after blaming the US for terrorism. I’m not voting for Paul merely on his quite apparent belief that somehow we’re responsible for terrorism. Too Chomskyist for me.

    Most of the stuff regarding his racism being claimed so far has not been very credible. That he eats or gets takeout frequently at a Thai restaurant a block away from his campaign headquarters on random days that a white separatist group has used for meetings on Wednesdays doesn’t really cut it. The guy making the claim has made other outrageous claims in the past.

    The “Real Lincoln” book wasn’t racist and can only be made to appear so using quote mining. The point of the book is that 1) The Civil War was started and fought over tariffs, with the ending of slavery being an after thought. 2) Lincoln was a racist 3) Slavery was ended without all the bloodshed in many other countries, so the half million dead was unnecessary. 4) Tactics used by the north were inhuman. All quite historically accurate.

    Never understood why not having black friends would make you less likely to be a racist. But as you admit in your article you just made that up.

    It’s funny that Obama isn’t called on his membership in a black separatist church. Perhaps the republicans are waiting to drop that bomb later if he becomes the final candidate.

    I don’t find TNR very credible when it comes to getting the details right in the first place. I’m wondering what anti-black means according to them. Is that when someone complains against anti-white rioters that pull random whites out of cars and beat them unconscious with bricks? Should we really blame whites for getting angry over such incidents?