Mitt’s past is no present to the GOP if he’s the future nominee

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election | Posted at: Friday, 28 December 2007

Jim Geraghty brings my attention to this Anti-Romney ad that John McCain is apparently running in New Hampshire. It’s very effective.

If Romney gets the nomination it is the exact same ad that Hillary, Obama, or Edwards will use to depress Republican turnout. And it will be effective then too.


John Dickerson has the story behind this ad, including the fact that it was made by Romney’s own ad team. And it’s much better than the one that they produced for Romney. Read the whole thing.

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2 Responses to “Mitt’s past is no present to the GOP if he’s the future nominee”

  1. Kay Brooks Says:

    It will be effective.

    That doesn’t sound like John McCain’s voice at the end, btw.

  2. voter Says:

    Romney disdorsed:

    Ed: Click on the link to this organization whose motto is “Electing God’s Choice in 2008″.

    I know of only one man who with any authority claims to speak for God, so obviously this website is the work of His Holiness Benedictus XVI. As much as I admire the Pontiff I think it is decidedly unwise for him to wade into America’s presidential election process, and so I must protest.