A reason for just about everybody to avoid Huckabee

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On April 13, 2007 Mike Huckabee was interviewed by the Des Moines Register. Among the questions was one about stem cells. In response Huckabee said that “I don’t think that the only avenue to curing cacer and heart disease and diabetes and some of the horrible things that inflict Americans is that we have to destroy life in order to create it.”

That’s not an absolute denunciation of embryonic stem cell research*, but the “destroy life” phraseology certainly gave the impression to social conservatives that he is against it.

Interestingly, just one month later Mike Huckabee produced his financial disclosure statement indicating that he had been paid a $17,500 consulting fee by a leading pharmaceutical company engaged in embryonic stem cell research to find a treatment for diabetes.

Obviously, this is a problem for some social conservatives. To others it is an example of the hypocrisy of Huckabee. And to all, that financial statement should raise other alarms.

In addition to the payments from Novo Nordisk, Mike Huckabee took a third of a million , much of it from organizations with governmental interests, even while he was Governor of Arkansas. Included in that is a salary from Flagship Global Health. Mike Huckabee served on their board of directors, during the last year and a half of his term as Governor of Arkansas, and is still serving in that capacity.

Flagship is a “by-invitation-only, network of medical and surgical specialists who provide priority appointments” to its clients. In other words, it is priority medical care for those who are willing to pay extra. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it sounds like a good idea–especially if more and more people move to government run health care, which will almost assuredly be less patient-friendly.

But that’s the rub. A governor (and a President) has it within his power to influence the quality and quantity of government provided medical care. There is quite obviously a conflict of interest. Even worse, Flagship’s business model would seem to profit from an increase in government medical spending. The benefit is not direct, which would be bad enough, but indirect because as the quality of government care deteriorates, his company’s profits presumably grow. It would be like choosing the owner of a taxi company to regulate buses; the worse the buses perform, the more he profits.

Taking payments from companies with businesses effected by pending legislation apparently doesn’t violate any ethical rules in Arkansas. Nor does sitting on a corporate board while governor. This is after all a state that has produced another former governor who infamously played close to the line of the law. But it certainly isn’t right.

Whether you are a social conservative bothered by Mike Huckabee’s apparent hypocrisy, or a believer in governmental ethics who thinks that business and government need a greater firewall between them than to have governors sit on corporate boards, or if you’re a fiscal conservative who is alarmed that the GOP is on the verge of nominating a presidential candidate who has a direct financial stake in forcing socialized medicine on the rest of us, there is more than enough in Mike Huckabee’s record to merit denying him a higher office.

(ht:CC who note that Huckabee also received a second $17,500 payment from Novo Nordisk.)


Instapundit reader Bill Nelson found this interesting note:

After [Mike Huckabee’s] personal success at shedding 100-plus pounds, he has found a platform to share his secrets to creating better health habits in “Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork”. Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes care, today announced the availability of 35,000 Spanish-translated copies of this best-selling book, which can be ordered free of charge.

Glenn Reynolds wondered what Huckabee was paid for the 35,000 books. It’s a good question.


Mitt Romney was criticized in April for also having investments in Novo Nordisk. He has since divested from the stem cell research company. I wonder if Huckabee had anything to say about Romney’s investments at the time?

Mike Huckabee, however, hasn’t made any such disavowal of his affiliation with Novo Nordisk, even as he still continued to rail against stem cell research just two days ago.

*But this is an absolute denunciation of embryonic stem cell research:

I believe it is wrong to create human life for the sole purpose of research.

The source? A Mike Huckabee press release from just one month before Huckabee filed a report showing that he had been paid a significant sum by a company engaged in exactly that kind of research.


Look at this curious exchange between a reporter and Mike Huckabee’s speaking agency. In the first email Huckabee’s representative tells the reporter posing as a group wanting wanting him to speak that he is on the campaign trail and unavailable to speak. Once the reporter writes back and says that he wants Huckabee to speak at a church, the story changes. In that case, it’s a $25,000 speaking fee, and Huckabee will make time.

Be sure to read it. And I wonder: does he select churches because he knows that he can pass the plate and receive all kinds of unreported funds in addition to the 25k?

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24 Responses to “A reason for just about everybody to avoid Huckabee”

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  2. apacallyps Says:

    The Christian right (and other fed up conservatives) are supporting Mike Huckabee, but the right’s pundits are not flocking to support him, and many of them are actually trying to derail him. Case in point:

    Rush’s Hit-Piece on Huckabee
    (stick with it, audio of Rush)

    Something is very very very very wrong with this picture. Bottom line: The best candidate for the Republican nomination is Huckabee.

    Huckabee – Cinderella Man

  3. Mark Says:

    I love how the Huckabots keep promoting lil ole me. I’m either an elite in the party or one of the right’s pundits on the level of Rush Limbaugh.

    As a prolife, conservative Christian, I do not support Huckabee in the primary. If he gains the nomination and loses the general election, he will do great harm to the evangelical base. If he wins, he will be a lousy President in the manner of Jimmy Carter.

  4. apacallyps Says:

    The inexplicable anti-Huckabee sentiment in the elite wing of the Republican Party is an eye opener!

    What is perhaps most baffling about the pundits taking potshots at Gov. Huckabee is that he has everything for which the anti-illegal immigration proponents have been calling and yet they still attack Huckabee for adopting the plan. Nothing Gov. Huckabee does can assuage these neocons who have no use for a genuine conservative who believes in social conservatism and populist policy.

    Mike Huckabee – The Conservative Choice

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  6. bob Says:

    Mr. Apacallyps [sic],

    Leave the whiny populist victim complaints to Hillary’s and Edwards’ supporters. Republicans don’t play that game.

    If you want to see explicable reasons for the anti-Huckabee sentiment read this post where I ranked each of the Republican candidates in various areas. You can even try the rankings for yourself. If you’re honest with your rankings, Huckabee won’t be at the top.

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  9. Tyler Says:

    Follow the money. If and I say IF Huckabee was taking money for “speaking” when he was still and elected official without reporting and disclosing it then he has a very serious ethics problem at the least. In some states such an act is construed as Illegal and public officials can be prosecuted for it because of a conflict of interest (e.g. Novo Nordisk) Special interest groups flood candidates with money to buy access later when that person is elected, since they have been bought off, do the bidding of the special interest group. Follow the money…

  10. M. Simon Says:


  11. M. Simon Says:

    Hucky would move me if he was a small government Republican.

    If I wanted big government I could vote for a Democrat.

    To all you evangelicals – if you want to be pandered to join the Dems. I’m sure they will accommodate once you become a big enough voting block. You can also engage in all the corruption you want. The Dems won’t mind.

    You can sell your souls for a mess of pottage. The Dems are buying. With your money.

  12. Doug Says:

    Excellent work, Bob. I’ve quoted you extensively in this pingback.

    #6 (Bob), Politico had an article yesterday positioning Huckabee as a GOP Rebel. Ya’ think?

  13. apacallyps Says:

    NO Bob!

    It’s time that YOU woke up and stopped trying to avoid the fact that the real problem here is the Republican elites attacks are ruining the GOP mainstream chance of getting a President who will deal their needs and not only Wall Streets and the Insiders.

    Honestly, the way you talk you don’t sound like a conservative to me. If you are then your head’s in the sand. Your forgetting something really IMPORTANT.

    Ronald Reagan said in 1984, “America needs God more than God needs America. If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.”

    I support for Mike Huckabee. He is much better compared to the others. Of course he is not as conservative on all of the issues as I’d like, but right now a big thing with me is getting this nation back in good standing with the LORD. With the way this world is going and with our enemies all around us, the only one that can save us is GOD, but He won’t save YOU and me if we don’t want Him. Huckabee is the only candidate who has a chance at getting elected that on paper has positions Christians can support.

    “I didn’t get into politics because I thought government had a better answer. I got into politics because I knew government didn’t have the real answers, that the real answers lie in accepting Jesus Christ into our lives… I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for Christ.” Mike Huckabee 1998

    “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

    Mike Huckabee: The Man!

    JOIN US!

  14. bob Says:

    I’d rather vote for a conservative atheist than a Christian liberal.

    This country made that mistake once before. His name was Jimmy Carter. Luckily, his failures were reversed over the next eight years . . . by a President who almost never attended church.

  15. apacallyps Says:

    Oh, comparing him to Jimma Carter is a joke. Carter is an anti-semite and a traitor! Give it up.

    Mike Huckabee: Israel

    Furthermore, you are completely mischaracterizing Huck’s position on illegal immigration. He will build a FENCE. He is AGAINST illegal immigration! He wants to outsource the immigration process to one of the credit card companies if need be, so people don’t have to wait 7-8 years to come in and tar a roof or pick some apples. But, make no mistake, Huckabee is absolutely against amnesty!!

    Huck also wants the nation to be energy independent within 10 years. Like Kennedy setting a goal to land on the moon in the 60’s in less than 10 years.

    The REAL problem is Republican elites with their attacks are ruining the GOP mainstream chance of getting a President who will deal their needs and not only Wall Streets and the Insiders! Their “talking points” propaganda warfare used against a fellow conservative who could very well be more of a conservative than they are provides a good look at their true colors.

    A Whole New Race – Switch to Huckabee


  16. bob Says:

    Mr. Apocalypto:

    I’ve never said a thing about Huckabee’s immigration plan. Ever. The closest I’ve come is to say that he is a “recent convert” to a strong border position.

    Sounds like you’re the one using “talking points”.

  17. BobKrumm.com » Huckabullying from the Huckabots Says:

    […] there is the claim that their candidate is the only “genuine conservative” in the race. Followed by the charge that his detractors aren’t “real […]

  18. apacallyps Says:

    Dear Mr. Bobby.

    I am glad you nad I are making progress. I do believe there is hope for you.

    The truth is most conservatives can’t vote for Rudy because he is for abortion and same sex marriage. And they don’t want someone who calls themselves Christian, but believes all kinds of strange things (take a guess). Nor do they want someone blaming America for all the troubles in the world either (if you said Ron Paul your right). Every time Thompson speaks America feels like taking a nap. And McCain is a career politician who doesn’t care about what YOU want.

    Below are links to statements and research from the campaign that state the real truth on attacks being made on Governor Huckabee’s record.


    Bob, you are being lied to by the right’s elite neocon’s. They don’t care about me and you. They’re only protecting themselves. They are fighting for their political lives because if he wins they’re in danger of being rejected.

    If family values and moral Christian backbone are the foundation that will lead this nation out of darkness, why are those who preached it for decades suddenly turning away from the man who embodies these very qualities and puts them into action. The hypocrisy is pretty astounding, from my point of view.


    Mike Huckabee for Commander-In-Chief


    Ed: You lost me at this very bigoted statement: “. . . don’t want someone who calls themselves Christian, but believes all kinds of strange things (take a guess)”

    My guess is that you’re talking about Mitt Romney, who happens to be Mormon–which seems to bother you. I’m Catholic and call myself a Christian–does that bother you too?

    I’ll tell you something strange that you probably believe: According to what I presume to be your religion all of humanity was condemned to eternal damnation because of a single case of petty theft many millenia ago and that they were only pardoned when a father sent his innocent son to be nailed to a tree.

    Every religion has strange and unbelievable tenets at its core. That’s why it is called “faith”. To attack a man for having strange beliefs while you yourself hold equally bizarre ones is quite hypocritical.

  19. apacallyps Says:

    Mormonism was invented in the 1800’s in America by a man named Joseph Smith. He invented scriptures which are filled with plagiarisms from the Bible, and fantastical histories of the North American continent and it’s ancient peoples.

    Mormonism differs from Christianity in many ways. For example, the definition of God: in Christianity, there is one God, and that God is three persons –Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To the Mormons, there are gods beyond number. All current gods were once men. Men today have the potential to achieve god-status in the world to come. This alone makes Mormonism unlike anything having to do with Christianity in any known historical form.

    The other differences are many, but we don’t really need to discuss them. If you have God wrong, you have everything wrong.

    Mormonism is a strange American folk religion, no more. It is not Christianity.

    And calling me a bigot just because I said this is what the liberals do when someone won’t adopt televisions politically correctness. You’ve adopted the same smear tactics routinely used by the far-left Air America radio network and displayed daily on the nutty political blogs.

    I’ll say it again, Mormons want people to think they are Christians, but they are NOT Christians! Huckabee should have stuck to his guns and demanded a comprehensive answer to the question, “Do Mormons believe Jesus and Satan were brothers?” WHY??? Because the official website of the Mormon church explicitly makes the sibling connection between Jesus and Lucifer a matter of official Mormon doctrine!:

    Copy and Paste Link

  20. bob Says:

    “If you have God wrong, you have everything wrong.”

    So, would you support a Jewish presidential candidate assuming he agreed with you on the issues?

  21. Roger A Says:

    Thomas Jefferson got God wrong. He seemed to do OK.

  22. apacallyps Says:

    The actual discussion here aside from all of us agreeing the best candidate for the Republican nomination is Huckabee, is whether or not I was a bigot for refusing to call Mormon’s Christian’s. Delving into their beliefs clearly proves Mormonism has NOTHING to do with Christianity in any known historical form. Mormonism is a strange American folk religion, no more. It is not Christianity. So it is clear that a person is NOT a bigot for clarifying these differences!

    I have nothing against Mormon’s personally, many are very nice people. While I don’t agree with Mormons on just about everything, we could probably learn from them about family values because of their strong devotion to the family. But, the Bible teaches us we should be able to recognize false teachers and “from such turn away.” Matthew 7:15-20

    Now to answer “would (I) support a Jewish presidential candidate assuming he agreed with (me) on the issues?”

    Genesis 12:3 says, “And I (God) will bless them that bless thee (Israel and the Jewish people), and curse him that curseth thee” Genesis 12:3

    Obviously, my first choice would be a Christian leader. However, as Christian’s we have a mandate from God to love and support the Jewish people. I would pray for and support any candidate who subscribes to the Bible of the God of Abraham, including Jews and others.

    And NO, this doesn’t include the “false Christian” Mitt Romney. What Romney and his Mormon friends like Glenn Beck have been doing lately, is to try and garner sympathy for just how “Christian” Mormonism is without ever actually addressing the fundamental tenets that Mormonism espouses. They are deceiving us. (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

    Instead of honestly and openly telling people that Mormons believe Jesus is Satan’s brother, they point out what they think are flaws in our soul, and how it is as dark as the one that Beck once exhibited during his days of drunkenness and debauchery.

    I’m not voting for that. What a buncha liars.

  23. bob Says:


    I don’t care if a candidate believes that the Earth was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, so long as what he intends to do while President is in line with my views of how government best operates.

    That being said, you inadvertently prove the point of this post. That being that Fred is an acceptable candidate to all. Although I disagree with you about the importance of Gov. Romney’s religious beliefs, obviously you are not going to vote for him. Whether or not that makes you a bigot is inconsequential. Of consequence is that a Romney nomination is a Republican vote lost. You are probably one of many who for whatever reason won’t vote for Mitt Romney even if you agree with him on his earthly positions, because his heavenly views are anethema to you.

    That is a reality for Republicans. Mitt Romney is not one of my top contenders, but I would vote for him if it came down to it. Still, there is a much better compromise Republican candidate that requires no compromise on the part of Republicans.

    His name is Fred Thompson.

  24. apacallyps Says:

    Fred Thompson is unnaceptable. On “Meet the Press,” Tim Russert read Thompson the language of the Republican “pro-life” plank and asked Thompson to state his position on it.

    Could you run as a candidate on that platform, promising a human life amendment banning all abortions?”

    “No,” said Thompson.

    “You would not?” said Russert.

    “No,” said Thompson.

    “Each state would make their own abortion laws?” Russert asked.

    “Yeah,” said Thompson.

    I’m not for allowing abortion at the state level. Sorry. Fred seems like a nice guy, but no go.

    Oh, yeah, the other thing: You said you don’t care if a candidate believes that the Earth was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, if that’s the case then you would vote for a Muslim, right? Look up the word “Al Takiyah,” “Takia,” or “Al-Taqiyah”. It’s spelled something like that. The Islamic concept of Al-Taqiyah is to infiltrate and destroy infidel countries. The Quran allows Muslims to lie to spread their religion. I ask you under these circumstances how could anyone trust a Muslim?

    John Jay, one of America’s founding fathers said:

    “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

    (John Jay, The Correspondence and Public Papers of John Jay, Henry P. Johnston, ed. (New York: G.P. Putnams Sons, 1890), Vol. IV, p. 365.)

    It grieves me people don’t care about America as a Christian nation anymore. I’m sure you’re a nice man Bob, but America is in trouble. Everybody wants God out and something else in. We have reached the day which the prophet had in mind when he wrote, “Woe unto them who call evil, good, and good, evil.” (Isaiah 5:20)

    Ed: So you would vote for Hillary over Fred simply because Fred, a Federalist and Constitutionalist, won’t support an amendment which (a) won’t ever be passed, and (b) because it’s an amendment the President has no say, no vote, or no veto anyway? Sounds like you are making the perfect the enemy of the good.