The kirking of a Texas school board

Byline: | Category: Blogging | Posted at: Thursday, 8 November 2007

There’s this community website in Galveston that discusses the state of local schools there. Not surprisingly, given the subject matter, things get kind of heated from time to time. What makes this case interesting is that the School Board is now suing the blogger who hosts the site for libel. Often times those kinds of lawsuits fail not just because of the old adage that “If you sue for libel, they’re liable to prove it,” but also because the blogosphere is generally sympathetic toward defendents of such suits and actually serves to amplify the complaint far beyond its original reach. (An example of “Kirking”).

There’s one other piece of this story that I found interesting:

The [school board's] law firm monitored the site for months before trustees took action.

Just how much does months of that kind of legal research cost?

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