A racial protection racket

Byline: | Category: Race | Posted at: Wednesday, 28 November 2007

What’s it called when a group threatens to bring the authorities on you for actions that might not even be illegal or unethical, unless you buy “services” from that group? Oh, that’s right . . . extortion.

UPDATE: The Cincinnati Enquirer has another name for it: censorship.

And another word in their lead editorial: cowardice.

Also, see Michelle Malkin to read a couple letters from those in the West Chester community. I know the area very well, and the woman who wrote the second letter is exactly correct.

Dan Riehl brings us the evolution of the title of Agatha Christie’s play.

Wayside Theatre weighs in: ” . . . the article seems to make the guy who led the protest out to be on the make. Dame Agatha wouldn’t have seen any mystery in that.”


Here’s another word: Hypocrisy.

It appears that the complainant, Butler County NAACP head Gary Hines (pages 9 and 12 of the playbill) himself appeared in an Oxford Area Community Theatre rendition of “A Raisin in the Sun” in 2004. I wonder why, since Lorraine Hansberry’s play uses the N-word, whereas Agatha Christie’s play hasn’t had that word as part of its title since 1940. I wonder if he protested himself.

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