I am running for Governor

Byline: | Category: TN Politics | Posted at: Monday, 8 October 2007

I am announcing that I’ve made up my mind to run for governor of the state of Tennessee.

In 2018, after current 4th District U.S. Representative, Lincoln Davis completes his second gubernatorial term (Tennesseans always reelect sitting governors eligible for reelection), it is my intention to serve the people of the Volunteer State as their 50th Governor!

Sure, I recognize that over the next eleven years, some potential employers might be somewhat concerned about my loyalty to their needs. And yes, I will probably need to hold elected office before then. Meaning that when I run for election in 2016 to whatever other seat I’ll have to hold, my constituents will know that they’re electing me to, essentially, not do the job they’re paying me to do. Instead, they’ll be paying me to spend those next two years running for Governor.

But certainly they’ll understand. I have so much to offer Tennesseans that they’ll appreciate me getting the jump on other potential candidates so that I can clear the GOP field early and begin to concentrate on the general election campaign. After all, the 2018 campaign is going to be the most important election of the century. How we decide the issues at stake then will determine the fate of Tennesseans for generations to come. Republican versus Democrat. The contrast could never be more stark as it will be in 2018!

So I’m asking for your support.

Thank you.

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4 Responses to “I am running for Governor”

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  2. Stan Says:

    Do the people of Tennessee a favor by sending this to all Tennessee newspapers. You just need to reduce it by ten words to make most Letters to the Editor. You have some points most folks fail to grasp – a lot won’t even after reading the piece.

    Oh, yes since if still here in 2016 I will be four score and six I best endorse you now just in case I’m not.

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  4. Lee Says:

    Actually, if you want to run for Governor of Kentucky, you couldn’t do much worse than our current Republican nominee this November.

    (We’re about to get stomped. Deservedly so by the way.)