Moveon’s McCarthyism Moment

Byline: | Category: Ethics, Government, Iraq, Military | Posted at: Monday, 10 September 2007 took out an ad in the New York Times today calling General Petraeus, “General Betray Us.”

It could very well be the Far Left’s Joe McCarthy vs. the Army moment. Those old enough to recall–or young enough to remember their history–know that for four years, Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy paralyzed the Senate into fear and inaction over mostly mythical charges against any who dared challenge him. He intimidated an entire country . . . until he took on the Army.

McCarthy’s reign of terror ended with this famous retort from Army counsel Joseph Welch aimed at the over-reaching Senator:

You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Fifty-three years after that moment, Moveon’s modern McCarthyites have cowed their party into a corner, and nearly pushed America to the brink of declaring a war’s defeat in the midst of a victorious battle. But Moveon went too far. They took on the Army–even going so far as to declare General Petraeus to be a traitor.

The Far Left has left no sense of decency.

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17 Responses to “Moveon’s McCarthyism Moment”

  1. subrot0 Says:

    Why would the Far Left have any sense of decency?

    They feel they have to win at any costs and that they have been given a mandate by the electorate who went overwhelmingly democratic.

    Unfortunately, it bodes ill for this nation at this very crucial time.

    Gas prices are rising, unemployment is creeping upwards, home mortgage failures will increase. Whatever good news that may come will be buried by these headlines.

    The democratic party is in for a rude awakening. It was an umbrella party and now it is held captive by the far left. It will cease to be representative of America and it will need to reinvent for be held captive for a long time.

    People need comfort from their party leaders not angry tirades and attacks against the republic. Perhaps it will change but many in the party have lost all “sense of decency.”

  2. mockmook Says:

    Hey Bob,

    Are you sure McCarthy intimidated the country? Could BDS be a return of MDS? Didn’t many of McCarthy’s charges end up being true? Is it possible his famous list (unpublished) was accurate?

  3. Kurt Says:

    As much as I would like to think you are right, the fact is that far too many people these days not only have no sense of decency, they have no sense of shame. And the Democrats and their supporters on the left are some of the worst in that regard.

  4. Qwinn Says:

    While I agree that MoveOn’s tactics here do strongly resemble the Left’s feverish caricature of McCarthy, I thought we were past the point where those who recognize leftist perfidy still bought into that caricature.

    “Mostly mythical charges”? Mind citing who some of these “innocent victims” were? Because between the Venona Project and other evidence that’s been around all along, I’ve yet to hear of an “innocent victim” of McCarthy that didn’t turn out to in fact be guilty of everything he charged.

    He “intimidated the entire country”? Please. Actual history shows that the evil “McCarthy era” was born of the same Truther mentality that claims that we’re living in a fascism -right now- under the evil Chimpy McBushHalliburton conspiracy, and that all dissenters are silenced. What was the truth? The truth was that the intelligentsia and academia despised McCarthy from the beginning and were quite vocal about it. “From one end of the country to another came the cry, “I have been silenced. I am afraid to speak out!”, and across the plains came the answering cry of, “Look! He has been silenced! He is afraid to speak out!”

    Joseph Welch was a charlatan. If you actually -watch- those hearings, you find that for hours before that famous “Have you no decency” line, Welch was nastily abusing Roy Cohn on the stand, demanding over and over again that Cohn provide him the names of some communists, with Cohn refusing to be baited. Eventually, after this unending barrage, McCarthy stands up and effectively says (paraphrased) “Do you want to know where the communists are, Mr. Welch? They’re in your office”. He was talking about a lawyer who worked for Welch and who also belonged to an organization which was described by the New York Times itself as “the legal bulwark of the Communist Party”. Welch himself had fired him a few months prior to the hearings due to precisely those communist connections. And when McCarthy points that out, that’s when Welch breaks into his “no decency” crying jag. Really, if McCarthy was so indecent and evil for suspecting him of communist connections, one wonders how decent Welch himself was for firing him him for those exact same connections.

    But the Leftist parody of history lives on.


  5. Qwinn Says:

    One correction. It wasn’t the NY Times that referred to Fisher’s organization as “the legal mouthpiece (not bulwark) of the communist party”, it was just the Attorney General of the United States.


  6. comatus Says:

    We all agree that McCarthy was right. MoveOn believes it was Eugene.

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  9. Freddie O'Connell Says:

    While I wouldn’t characterize myself as a MoveOn sympathizer, I’m curious to hear you elaborate, Bob, on what the “victorious battle” is? In fact, even what the “war” is. I’m struggling to find meaning in our definitions of the moment.

  10. LogicalSC Says:

    Just to further what Quinn said about McCarthy, he was invesigating members and agents of communist organizations who were working in government to undermine the USA.

    Many of them, as proved by Verona, were being paid by the USSR.

    And just to point to another similiarity with today’s traitors, the hearing room was crowded with “journalists” cheering every smear of the Americans trying to ferret out the communists.

  11. Stan Says:

    The left is following Nazi tatics – repete the lie, make it grow and it is believed by those who can not, or chose not to, recogonize truth.

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  13. Richard Says:

    I believe the Army Council was asking the questions and Senator McCarthy was testifying. The “have you no decency” was certainly scripted. Effective, but scripted.

  14. Chris Black Says:

    Hi Bob, you may remember I’m a UK Lib Dem who wrote favourably about your election campaign.

    Forgive my ignorance (I’m not being sarcastic here) but what do you chaps mean by ‘far left’?

  15. bob Says: is a pretty good example of the Far Left. I’m trying to think of an example from the opposite camp, but I can’t really come up with one quite so “out there.” Perhaps, however, that’s less a function of ideology than of being out of power–as powerlessness often seems to bring out the crazies.

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  17. frankooo Says:

    Move on proved last election to be a “NON INFLUENCE”. They are trying so hard to be a factor in ’08 that they have lost sight of Fairness and are just a bunch of mug slinging, mindless, Dembots.