A fool and his country are soon parted

Byline: | Category: 2008 Presidential Election, Ethics, Government, Iraq | Posted at: Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich was the only member of Congress on Monday night to vote against a symbolic resolution to recognize September 11 as a day of remembrance, extend sympathies to those who lost their lives and their families and honor emergency workers and the U.S. armed forces.

This vote was taken just after his trip to Syria that included a lengthy interview where the diminutive democrat repeatedly badmouthed his country.

But it is General Petraeus who is, apparently, the real traitor.

I suppose that I can take comfort in the fact that while Kucinich and Moveon get lots of press now, when it comes time for the actual voting, they will get all the serious consideration they deserve: none.

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One Response to “A fool and his country are soon parted”

  1. Stan Says:

    Kucinich proves that he will do long-term harm to his country for shirt-term political gain, a typical Democrat Party trait.