a bunch of knee jerks?

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I drove by Vanderbilt University this afternoon and saw two or three dozen protesters waving handmade signs in support of the “Jena 6“.

I’m going to plead complete ignorance about who is right and who is wrong in this racially charged case. However, what I do know is that the last time a university got all worked up about a race case before all the facts were known, more than a few who jerked their knees did so with such force that they ended up with their feet in their mouths.

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4 Responses to “a bunch of knee jerks?”

  1. Ashley Says:

    WOW! I do agree that a case in the past (that shall remain nameless) was acted on and decided by the public in a hasty manner. This case is not the same. True, 6 black students did make the wrong decision to use an act of violence to get revenge on a white student who was mocking one of their friends by making racial slurs. There were events that led up to this event, making the fight the boiling point.

    1. After a black student asked to sit under a tree that white students socialized under, 3 nooses were hung from the tree. True, LA doesn’t have anything on the books making this a hate crime, but the message was loud and clear. The students reponsible were originally charged with expulsion, but it was reduced to suspension.

    2. A black student was invited to a party where he was later “attacked” by white students, including an incident where he was hit over the head with a beer bottle. No charges were brought against the white teens involved in the incident.

    3. A white male in a hardware store brandished a weapon at young black men that were in the store. When more than one black male tried to take the gun from the perp, the police turned their guns on them, believing that they were committing a robbery. No charged were brought against the white male who threatened them with a weapon.

    4. The 6 young men that were involved in the jumping of the white student did so in response to racial slurs he was shouting at the student that was attacked at the party.

    Violence is never the answer to any problems. As a black female who’s lived in many places, mostly throughout the south, I’ve heard all of kinds of things whispered behind my back or written on the dry erase board outside of my dorm room back in college. I may have wanted to respond violently, but never did. No one is saying they were right for beating up the boy, but to charge them with attempted murder is overkill. I do believe they should be punished, but putting CHILDREN away on attempted murder charges for a crime of passion is not fair, regardless of race. As for the young man that is still in jail, and has had a previous criminal record, let the courts deal with him in a FAIR and JUST manner.

    This protest is not a knee jerk reaction. A knee jerk reaction is what was needed when the nooses were hung from the tree. A knee jerk reaction is what was needed when a man, regardless of race, pulled a gun on children and got away with it.

    Many protesters do not believe the boys were right for jumping the young man that was making fun of them, but no one, black, white, rich or poor really agrees that they should be charged with attempted murder. Do you?

  2. rob Says:

    missing from this list of incidents is the visit from DA Reed Walters who warned the students, that if they caused any trouble he could “take away their lives with the stroke of a pen.”

  3. Marcus Areilius Says:

    Well I must admit as a Negro Male I am biased aginst the racist tomfoolery that has been going on in Jena for the total existence of the town. Now we all know that the justice system has three diffferent sentencing guideline, one for stars and entertainers, one for the regular people(caucasians), and one for the minorities. America has never been a fair country. From the inception the scales were tilted from justice to a way of life that sets one race (group of people) over another. The abuse of power is the real issue here. The lack of liberty for a whole group of people! This is an offense that should not be tolerated. America goes all over the world and cries about Democracy, when it is missing at home with Americans. We are all a bunch of hypocrites and fools.

  4. aniekan Says:

    punish the jena 6.Racisim is wrong,dobule standards are wrong,but black versions of the KKK are wrong too.