If there’s something the matter, he’s not saying what

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Certain elements of the Nashville political blogosphere have been embroiled in one of those MSM v Bloggers dustups that emerges from time to time.  As in most such imbroglios, there is an element of truth to both sides: As Alan Coverstone states, journalistic coverage of local government and politics is not as informative as we wish it would be, and in Clint Brewer’s defense, he is right that too many bloggers are sloppy fact-checkers, and are reluctant to make corrections when they err.

Mr. Coverstone’s latest missive in this online fight caught my interest for one other reason.  In it he laments the lack of local responsible journalism (my interpretation of his meaning), and that it has become as uninformative as he apparently believes journalism is at the national level:

. . . just because all CNN and FOX News give us on the national level is prognostication, that does not mean I have to be grateful when I get it on the local level.

Being that he is a government teacher at a prestigious college preparatory institution, I thought it would be interesting to see what resources Mr. Coverstone provides to his students to make up for the perceived shortfall of quality local coverage.

On Coverstone’s page on the school’s website there are links to CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, the Washington Post and the New York Times (no Fox News, btw). There are also links to the Republican NATIONAL Committee and the Democratic NATIONAL Committee, as well as the White House, and some documents of national historic significance.

Glaringly absent, however, from the website of a government and politics teacher bemoaning the lack of quality local journalism is ANY local information at all*.

If there is something the “Matter With Tennessee” (part of the name of Mr. Coverstone’s personal blog), oddly, there is nothing on his professional website that would seem to suggest to his students what it is, much less to recommend a remedy.

*Wait, there actually is a Tennessee-centric resource on his site.  It’s about the Scopes-Monkey Trial of 1925.  Not exactly timely information.

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