Ron Paul’s “nutbags” are doing the GOP a service

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A. C. Kleinheider posted a video of a woman interviewing Fred Thompson at a Thompson rally in Texas.  At the end of the inteview, the woman went into a rant about the Council on Foreign Relations and 9/11 conspiracy theories.  In the title of the post, Kleinheider labeled the woman a “Ron Paul supporter.

That was apparently enough to bring out the small, but vocal, national network of worshiping St. Pauli’s Girls and Boys. 

“Eric,” for example, had this to say:

Please document that this is a Ron Paul supporter or change the title.
The video at YouTube, which you see if you click on the embedded video here, says:
Houston911truth Confronts Fred Thompson

How do you twist that into Ron Paul Supporter, unless it is to further your own agenda.

I’ll have my lawyers get in touch with your lawyers.

As web-savvy as they seem to be, Eric, and the other Ron-Paul’s-flock-is-not-chock-full-of-nuts deniers ought to have followed the links Kleinheider provided.  Not only did the interviewing woman leave the scene in a car with a Ron Paul bumper sticker, Kleinheider, linked to another “interview” of a Texas pol by this same woman that clearly indicates her support for Ron Paul.

I lived in Texas a few years back, and I have to say that I was impressed by Congressman Ron Paul’s originalist interpretation of the Constitution.  While I do not support his foreign policy positions, I have long admired his principled stands.

What I do not admire, however, is his inability to wrest his own campaign away from the crazies who are advocating on his behalf.  They, his own supporters, have defined Ron Paul negatively.  And that, now, will be his lasting legacy.

Years ago I spent a semester in college researching and writing about the 1964 election.  Barry Goldwater lost in a landslide.  He, too, was damned by association with his own supporters–particularly neo-confederate racists who used his campaign to try to preserve legal segregation.

Goldwater lived long enough after that election to resuscitate his image.  Perhaps Paul will too.  But he will only if he makes a clean break from the nut jobs who are killing him with their support.  He needs a “Sister Souljah” moment–not to win the nomination (that will never happen)–but to restore his own credibility.

Still, Ron Paul’s nut jobs are doing the GOP a huge favor.  For years–especially the Clinton years–Republicans have been saddled with a few of their own “black helicopter” crowd. 

Remember how Y2K was supposed to be a plot so that President Clinton could declare martial law and suspend the 2000 election?  Although many of those conspiracy theorists probably ended up voting for the Republican nominee seven years ago, the support of crazies tends to lose more votes than it gains.

Cindy Sheehan is a good example of how a conspiracy theorist nut job can hamstring her own party.  As long as she was linked to Democrats, she hurt the Democratic Party.  The best news the Democratic Party has had this past month is the announcement that Sheehan is leaving the party and will challenge Speaker Pelosi next November.  Pelosi, far too extreme for most Americans, is now safely triangulated as a “moderate” because Cindy Sheehan is foe instead of friend.

Ron Paul’s supporters are the Republicans’ Cindy Sheehans.  My sense is that they will support a third-party rather than the GOP next year.  That is a good thing for the GOP, since it now puts Black Helicopter Republicans outside of the party–where they belong.

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46 Responses to “Ron Paul’s “nutbags” are doing the GOP a service”

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    […] Bob Krumm on Ron Paul and some of his more enthusiastic supporters: I lived in Texas a few years back, and I have to say that I was impressed by Congressman Ron Paul’s originalist interpretation of the Constitution. While I do not support his foreign policy positions, I have long admired his principled stands. […]

  2. brody Says:

    I thought the kook, whacko, crazy conspiracy theorist nut bag was the tall bald guy?

  3. Flo Says:

    Wow and you never saw Freepers attack Clinton.
    Atleast Ron Paul supporters, support truth and integrity in office.

  4. Zack Says:

    I am a lifelong republican. I personally value true fiscal responsibility above all else. I have zero trust in the Washington establishment to govern responsibly. Thanks to the last 6 years (federal budget from 1.7 to 2.7 trillion) of republican control, they have proven part of this establishment.

    If I have to vote with a bunch of “conspiracy nuts” to elect a true fiscal conservative (not just one who pays lip service to the idea) then so be it.

    What draws these folks to Ron Paul is NOT that he sympathasizes with them. It’s that they have a total distrust of the entrenched establishment. Paul is against just about everything that furthers this entrenchment. This is why he appeals so strongly to that crowd.

    And if it takes a bunch of “conspiracy nuts” to restore fiscal conservatism and constitutional respect to Washington, what does that say for the rest of us?

  5. Chris McNeil Says:

    With the huge distrust of both the executive and legislative branches of government, the number of people who would label RP’s supporters as “nutbags” are dwindling.

    If questioning the official 911 story makes you a nutbag, count me in. I don’t know what happened, but WTC7’s collapse is enough to make me extremely doubtful of BushCo’s story. Not that they would lie to us, of course . . . haha. (see Iraq WMD, yellowcake from Nigeria, etc.)

    The common thread of the more extreme conspiracy theorists (no plane at the pentagon,etc) and Ron Paul supporter is that we don’t trust what is going on and want big change. Attempts to diminish Paul’s credibility by casting the shadow of the incredulity some experience at the position of the extremes of his supporters over his stance will fail.

    The government has torn up the constitution and the Bill of Rights. We don’t trust Congress, the President, the VP, and the Mass Media that serves as their mouthpiece.

    It’s time for change and Ron Paul is the man.

  6. Joltin' Django Says:

    “What I do not admire, however, is his inability to wrest his own campaign away from the crazies who are advocating on his behalf.”

    I heard a Ron Paul supporter on Phil Valentine’s show late last week. The caller was making a lot of good points until … he started with “the 9/11 attacks were an inside job” stuff. I just can’t bring myself to vote for someone whose supporters think like that.

  7. joshuabrucel Says:

    Well luckily no one can predict the future and the impact of the internet. Yes there is a smear campaign going on now which was to be expected. If you want change then you create anxiety which provokes reaction. I am a liberal Paul supporter and I agree the truthers need to be marginalized. My problem with your analysis is that we are in two failing wars and about to start more fronts (Iran, Pakistan, Darfur,or others}, oh and somolia. So if are supporting a moderate and business as usual (Pelosi, Clinton, Thompson etc) than you are endorsing endless war. We are at a major crossroads of history and we need a competent but radical new leader or America as we know it will be set on our present course for awhile. Are you happy with the way things are going with Bush? If so then youre mind is made up and I can understand why you would want to exclude the “nutjobs”. Please though take a non-biased look at the issues. Thank you.

  8. bret Says:

    Darn right. I will never support a party over principle, and neither should anyone. But I have some news for you: the entire world knows the Republicans are doomed, both in the Congress and in the White House. This is fact – cold, hard, unyielding. The only way they have a chance is if they come up with someone who espouses Paul’s positions but is not Paul (as of yet, I see no one, not one single person), or else they put up Paul. That’s all they can do. A pro-war candidate will get crushed in the general election. I’m not a “truther” but I do have to wonder if perhaps it is the Republican Party’s plans to simply fuck things up horribly this time, let the Democrats ruin this country, and appear in 12 years as the saviors. This is the problem with a “two-party system.” It’s corrupt to the core.

    At any rate, the Republican party has a choice if it wants to win this election. That choice involves Ron Paul, like it or not. As of right now, they are living in denial.

    But mark my words – none of these turkeys could even beat John Edwards in the general election… no matter how much screaming you do about the need to “stay on offense against the terrists (sic).”

    One good thing to appear recently is the friction between Obama and Hillary – that could push Obama in a more libertarian direction (ok, it’s a longshot, but let me have a little naive hope). If he could shake free of his party’s attachment to socialist cures for government problems, we could have something useful for the country at large. What we most need and desire is change, fundamental change, meaningful change. It’s no longer “vote the bums out, vote the other bums in” – it’s “burn the barn down around the bums, let’s figure out why this thing is so abusable.”

  9. Webutante Says:

    Terrific post, Bob, and seems right on to me.

  10. GOP Says:

    Whoever, she is, she still (I think?) has freedom of speech and I’m glad she exposed NUTJOB Fred Thompson who is either IGNORANT or LYING about SPP/NAU.

    Either way he and the other liars (Romny and Giuliani) are quite unfit to be running for office if they have no knowledge of what Bush is doing outside of Congressional oversight.

    And you’re name isn’t KRUMM for nothing. Hah.

    (Speaking of nutjobs, Hillary and Obama pandered to racists recently, people who have openly said they want to kill all the white people and take their land… I’d be far more worried about that now wouldn’t you?)

  11. Henry G. Says:

    What’s sad is that big governement, war hungry neocons and nanny liberals are the ones who are labeled as “sane”, at least by some fools.

  12. Andy Says:

    As you indicated, it is not just Ron Paul, but both parties who have in the past had their share of “nutbags”. To use one example to imply this one unbalanced women represents all Ron Paul supporters is disingenuous at best, and more likely shoddy homework and a demonstration of your own self-serving political interests.

    I belong to a group for Ron Paul that has several hundred members. Having met most of them, I can say that while there are a few (as you will find with any candidate) that have what I would more politely call non-mainstream views, the majority are everyday people, with families and everyday jobs and traditional American values that have nothing to do with conspiracies.

    Sounds to me as if you are a conspiracy theorist given how you have painted a completely false and uninformed portrait of the majority of Ron Paul supporters.

  13. John Reading Says:

    I don’t see how we’re going to stop this Ron Paul guy unless we find the nuttiest of his supporters and then dishonestly smear him by pointing at them. It’s a pretty good trick and that way we can avoid any honest debate about his positions. We have to avoid liberty, property, and peace and if blaming one man for the opinions of another will do the trick then let’s do it. Terrific post, Bob.

  14. Andy Says:

    Oh, and since Bob Krumm appears to be a Fred Thompson supporter (or at least he does not slam his supporters), a few points.

    Fred previously suported abortion as a lobbyist and the only substantial piece of legisaltion he has been part of is the ulra liberal, anti-1st Amendment McCain-Feingold bill.

    He is lazy and a dishonest neo-con in wolfs clothing, rather than the true, principled conservative needed to win the White House. From that standpoint, I guess you could call his supporters “nutjobs”

  15. Mrs. Suzan Robertson Says:

    I respectfully disagree.

    Sir, first of all you are making an unwarrented sweeping generalization against all Ron Paul supporters. How can you possibly hold any political candidate responsible for who supports them, let alone what the supporters say and do?

    Why perpetuate those tired myths about all Ron Paul’s supporters? Have you ever been to one of his political events and actually seen his supporters?

    As of today there are 22,000 registered Ron Paul meetup group members. We come from diverse backgrounds,and we have diverse opinions on things. We are not clones who all think alike, despite what the news media says.

    This is what we agree on: We want government out of our lives, and we want a President who respects the Constitution. Ron Paul is that man.

    If that makes us all “nutbags” as you infer, well, then so be it. I’m really beginning to wonder the real whackos are in this campaign because at every Ron Paul event I’ve attended, I haven’t seen one.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion.

  16. Richard Says:

    This is nonsense.

    Ron Paul should not be punished for what his supporters may or may not do. That should be the same with all candidates, logically speaking.

    What people need to do is listen to the man speak, hear out his ideas, and then make an informed decision about whether or not to support him one way or the other.

    Instead, you write articles like this to try and create public opinion to convince people that “I can’t support that guy because he’s got nuts as supporters.” While that type of hit piece may work on some of the more simpleton type people, I believe most people have enough sense to do as I’m saying and to go out and read about Ron Paul for themselves, without having someone like yourself to try and shape their opinions for them.

  17. 911truthguy Says:

    Wow, that’s a change – 911 truth trumped by Ron Paul! So what if the lady was correct about Thompson and the CFR, the guy is a total creap show and you know it.
    One thing is for sure, you’d better get used to seeing this type of thing more often because 911 was an inside job and there is a massive awakening to the facts about 911.

  18. Martha Mellon Says:

    I just don’t get this correlation between supporting a candidate that wants to restore the separation of powers within our government and automatically being labeled with being a conspiracy theorist or paranoid.

    Please stop allowing a few to label the many.

  19. Satonoshi Says:

    Libertarians are divided on the occupation of Iraq, abortion, and immigration policy.

    Libertarian economist Arnold Kling points out that: “I should not fail to point out that when it comes to foreign policy, libertarians are at least as divided as Democrats. Many libertarians, including Presidential candidate Ron Paul, are dovish and anti-interventionist. Those of us who are libertarian hawks support the use of force to try to contain radical Islam.”

  20. andrea thorn Says:

    Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate that can beat the Democrats. The war-mongers simply do not stand a chance.

    I am a 44 year old stay home Mom from Illinois, and while I do not believe that 9/11 was perpetrated by anybody other than Islamic terrorists, I certainly understand the truther’s vast distrust of government.

    So does Paul, and that’s why they follow him. He has said over and over again that he does not believe that the government was involved, and they hear him. Look at the bright side – if Paul wins perhaps they will believe him when he tells them that the government was not involved.

    Why would anybody continue to trust the current regime is absolutely beyond me. I think the truthers are a little crazy, but at least they’re not talking about “premeptive nuclear attacks.” That’s not just crazy – it’s mad.

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    […] yourself some time and subscribe to my RSS feed. Bob Krumm basically asserts that Ron Paul is pulling all of the wackos out of the Republican Party, and in […]

  22. bret Says:

    If you’re in support of using force to “contain” “radical Islam” you’re not libertarian. Period. End of story.

    Just wanted to point that out. Traditionally the Democrats are the hawks – I am not sure why the Republican party thinks it has to steal their abhorrent platform, but Fred et al. sure do want to, don’t they?

  23. Michael Wagner Says:

    The question of who supports Ron Paul is irrelevant. Remember that the people who support Hillary actually believe that national health care is a good idea. Talk about “nutjobs!” Can’t get any nuttier than that.
    As for 9/11, there are still questions that the official report did not answer to the satisfaction of the families of those who died in the WTC. Until their questions are answered to their satisfaction, I think we have to keep an open mind about the subject.
    As for “false flag” operations, they are real. The “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” was one as the famous “Pentagon Papers” proved. The overthrow of the elected leader of Iran in 1953 was another. The whole idea of a false flag operation is to hide the identity of the perpetrators, so we may never know the extent of these operations.
    I suggest that instead of listening to Ron Paul supporters, listen to Ron Paul himself. Visit the Ron Paul Library ( and read what the man himself has to say.
    BTW-I am PROUD to be a Ron Paul supporter and activist.

  24. wgadget Says:

    Yo, Bob!

    Have you seen the video? Have you read the woman’s account of what happened? Have you heard the words that came out of Fred Thompson’s mouth? When she asked him about the Council on Foreign Relations, after a chuckle he said, “I didn’t know they were up to that….”

    You can go see for yourself, Bob. I will try to post the link on the next post, as for some odd reason, this one will not accept a link. (Hmmmmm…)

    As a life member of the CFR, which is a think-tank that has come up with none other than the Security and Prosperity Partnership, Fred Thompson SHOULD know about what they’re “up to”. I suggest you and Fred go over to Google and look up Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) to find out what is going on. In my opinion, it’s really a public menace to have reporters and politicians who are unaware of current events.

    If Mr. Thompson truly DOESN’T know what the CFR is up to, can we trust him to run our “empire”? If he really DOES know what the CFR is up to, then the man is a liar. Neither choice is flattering nor promising.

    The treatment that woman received was un-Constitutional, because it was a public event. Last I knew, she has the right to free speech. You, Bob, should be ashamed of what happened to her, not reporting ad hominem characterizations of Ron Paul supporters.

    We don’t need any more liars in the White House, GOP or Democrat. America’s last hope is Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul 2008

  25. wgadget Says:

    Some Alternate Headline Suggestions for Bob:

    “They Hate Us For Our Freedoms”–WHAT Freedoms?

    Thompson Thugs Remove Citizen For Asking Him A Question

    Fred Thompson Sleeps at CFR Meetings

  26. Matt Says:

    I like Ron Paul and I sent him some money. I totally disagree with his position on Iraq. However, I think as bad as Iraq could get, I’m far more worried about entitlements, taxes, competition from China, Europe (even they’re cutting corporate taxes!), and India, education, and healthcare. They say Generals fight the last war, well in 2008 it looks like Republicans are fighting the last election.

    You’re right about the nutbags though, and I blame Paul for letting them in. I think he can be a serious contender, but unless he tells 9/11 conspiracy theorists to go stick it, he’s going to get zero support. He’s using those people to generate support, but he’ll never clear 5% with those people. Plus when I hear him speak on defense, I seriously worry for our allies in South Korea and Taiwan, because he doesn’t sound like he wants to defend freedom anywhere. Although he has said he’d abide by every treaty, it seems like he doesn’t want to offend the wackos who will desert him if he says we have an obligation in South Korea or NATO. He’s so low in the polls, he’s afraid to give up 1% for the chance at 50%.

    That said, I think electing Paul could solve most of our long-term structural challenges, especially on taxes and the economy, leaving us a much stronger nation over the next 20+ years. Right now my only hope is that one of the other Republicans will move right on those issues, or Paul will take a stronger tone on defense. Frankly, I’m not optimistic about either happening.

  27. brittney Says:

    best thread ever

  28. Barry Says:


    A good number of the comments demonstrate the point.

    Actually, it’s sad.

    It’s a fact: you ARE judged by the company you keep, or the company that keeps you. Politics isn’t a pretty business, and it’s not fair, either.

    I’ve donated to Paul’s campaign. I may not always agree with him on everything, but I like him as a candidate. He appears to be a genuine guy with real principles. This is rare.

    I do think that some of Paul’s supporters are defining him as the “fringe candidate” when he might simply be the “conservative candidate” otherwise. Their failure to look in the mirror for two seconds before posting the kind of crap they do here and elsewhere reflects badly on them, not Ron Paul, the person. It does, however, reflect badly on Ron Paul, the candidate.

  29. junyo Says:

    See, here’s what qualifies most 9/11 truthers/Ron Paul supporters/commenters here as nutjobs/idiots. That one human brain can simultaneously hold that a)government is brilliant enough to pull off a black op that kills thousands of their own citizens, ostensibly to start a profit/power generating war (leave aside the fact that there were loads of easier/cheaper ways to start a war, targets for such, and ways to generate profit in general), and leave no trace of this op, b) and yet this same government is too idiotic to manage the actual war and resultant bad PR. Kudos to bret for the master tin-hat spin; they screwed the pooch intentionally, because losing power is ALL PART OF THE PLAN, man. What better way to GAIN power than by screwing up intensely, and LOSING it in chunks, potentially for decades? That’s not just brilliant, that’s Bond villian brilliant. I await Cheney’s announcement of a death-ray hidden in an active volcano, with Obama carelessly tied up somewhere nearby.

    There’s a measurable difference in logic between generally distrusting government (a pretty intelligent stance) and assuming that your government is an as great, if not greater threat than people who’ve declared war on you (pretty damn stupid). Ron Paul’s supporters have nothing to do with the fact that his foreign policy ideas (the one huge domain of the next President) are basically refined xenophobia that ignores the demonstrable reality that you can’t protect your interests in the present day global socio-economic-political space if you announce that your will and ability to use force stops at your own beaches. His supporters just reinforce the fact that people fervently believe in bad ideas too. Let’s just get all the crazy in one place; Paul/Nader ’08!

  30. Don Says:

    My wife, my parents(both), my brother, my 3 brother’s-in-law and their wives and I, all are lifelong Republicans who fully support Dr. Paul and his constitutional standards. The idiocy of pointing to a bumper sticker on a car that the woman left in, simply shows the desperation that the detractors are now having to resort to. Funny, if we didnt know better, we would certainly have thought this a tactic exclusive to the Dems, I guess there are bad apples all around now, and it’s sad to say the least.

  31. Anthony Says:

    I recently got into blogging. Of course, my blog gets little noticed, but I post something about Ron Paul and I get my first nasty comment (this one regarding the Fed).

    I am convinced that Paul supporters spend all day on technorati looking for any comment on on him.

  32. houston937 Says:

    Good point, Bob. Of course, I don’t expect the conspiracy nuts to recognize the damage they’re doing.

    I have contributed to Ron Paul’s campaigns in the past, and I continue to admire him as the single most principled member of Congress. But I have watched in dismay in recent years as Paul’s foreign policy positions have swung ever more towards the “blowback” theory (f/k/a “blame America first”), and thus I cannot support him for president.

  33. Rubes Says:

    I feel the same way about Bush, Giuliani and Thompson supporters.

    Most of them are completely ignorant of the law, the Constitution, economics, foreign policy and just about everything else with the exception of stupid issues like gay marriage and abortion.

    As if gay marriage and abortion were actually important issue that affect every American. And those issues only impact very few Americans. Most of us are not gay. And most of us never even consider an abortion.

    Yet foreign policy, economics and the Constitution affect us all. Yet most conservatives are completely apathetic to those issues. Because of their moronic encapsulation with issues that have little or no bearing on the future and well being of our nation.

  34. zac Says:

    On the TV show cops, I remember seeing a bumper sticker for “Al Gore” on this one guy that ran over some people while fleeing from the cops. When he got out, he was clearly high on drugs.

    Therefor Al Gore is bad.

    Wait . .. what?!

  35. Jimmie Says:

    Any candidate that allows a significant number of their followers to fervently say that any President of the United States attempted, on purpose, to kill over ten thousand civilians for personal profit is one for which I will never vote.

    I mean, really. Think about that accusation. A President of the United States personally orchestrated and authorized the cold-blooded murder of everyone in the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the Capitol Building just to put a few more bucks into his pocket. Read that sentence – because that is exactly the accusation the “9/11 was an inside job” is making – and let it sink in. Can you really believe that? Really?

    If you can, or if you can find sympathy for someone who can believe an abhorrent and insane idea, I want to stay as far away from as possible. Your moral compass and plain common sense has slipped too far from their grasp. You’ve managed to become both morally reprehensible and childish at the same time. Turning the President of the Unites States into a cartoon super villain? I look on you with pity and more than a little concern because you have slipped way over the edge of reason.

  36. MCO Says:

    Bob, you mention the “Sister Soljouh moment,” at which Bill Clinton distanced himself from the radical left. I would also point to the example of Bill Buckley, who while running for governor of New York declined the support of the Birchers.

    Mr. Paul would be wise to act similarly.

  37. Anthony Says:

    Zac — OK, I take you point on the Thompson heckler. Paul cannot control that.

    But when he spoke at Google, he was sharing a podium with a guy who claims the Fed is part of the New World Order conspitacy and a guy who claims the 16th Amendment was not validly adopted.

  38. Bill O. Rights Says:

    Ron Paul has a wide variety of supporters just like any other candidate. Anyone being honest would define the typical Ron Paul supporter as believing strongly in freedom, liberty, small government, and a very conservative interpretation of the Constitution.

    Ron Paul will help restore a proper balance of power between the Federal and State governments, as the Constitution requires. And if he can just say ‘No’ to congress’ overspending for a few years then he will have done a great service for our country.

    Ron Paul is 1st in YouTube, Meetup, MySpace, Facebook, Technorati, Alexa, Google, etc. The old media is just too slow to realize what is happening.

    Ron Paul places 1st or 2nd in every straw poll, debate, and active participation survey.

    Ron Paul has the most contributions from U.S. military personnel & veterans above all other candidates. So support the troops and vote Ron Paul!

    ‘Scientific Polls’ at this stage only measure name recognition. Over the next six months Ron Paul will gain name recognition and people will learn about who Ron Paul is. Most people who learn about Ron Paul become major supporters.

    Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were doing about the same in the ‘Scientific Polls’ at this stage in their elections. Ron Paul has tremendous momentum and his support is growing exponentially. The other candidates are stagnant. Only Ron Paul’s support is growing and will continue to grow!

    Ron Paul is the man of integrity and courage that America needs at this time.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams

    We are making history – Vote Ron Paul!

    Visit YouTube and search Ron Paul to learn more…

  39. Satonoshi Says:

    Anybody notice who the the two largest employers of individuals making contributions to the Paul campaign? (1) United States Army, (2) United States Navy.

  40. Brian Says:

    I’ve just written a fun little article trying my best to figure out the vocal and well mobilized Ron Paul supporters – here’s a brief excerpt:

    “So why write about this also-ran with few supporters instead of about any number of other also-rans with few supporters? Because this also-ran’s supporters are f…..g crazy.”

    check it out at

  41. wgadget Says:

    Witness above the jealous paid anti-Paul bloggers! HAHAHAHA.

    Ron Paul is in it for the long haul. His message is refreshing and exactly what America wants and needs. It looks like you wily neocons will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the Paul ideology if you’re serious about the GOP remaining intact.

    For your perusal:

  42. cfountain72 Says:

    “Any candidate that allows a significant number of their followers to fervently say that any President of the United States attempted, on purpose, to kill over ten thousand civilians for personal profit is one for which I will never vote.” -Jimmie

    Jimmie: do you really understand what you wrote? Any candidate that ‘allows’? What is Ron Paul to do, gag them and throw them in the trunk of car. Luckily, we have not reached that point in America yet.

    For the record: Ron Paul has on numerous occasions said that his concern with 9/11 is that:

    1. The bloated bureaucratic Leviathan that is our Federal Government may have already had the information to stop the attacks, tough not all in one place. This IS NOT TO SAY he thinks there was purposeful obfuscation to allow the attack, just that the right people were not able to connect the dots. I think any conservative worth his salt recognizes that bureaucracy often equals inefficiency, and yes, that inefficiency may have contributed to what occurred on that horrible day.

    2. Now, if you can comprehend #1, it is easy to understand how anyone who may have had some information that could have prevented 9/11 might be reluctant to admit as much afterwards. This does not make them evil or part of a conspiracy. Sadly, it makes them human. Ask yourself, if you knew that by some small mistake or lack of action of yours (or the department you run), you could have stopped 9/11 from occurring, how you would respond to the intense scrutiny. Obviously, the better men and women among us would step forward and admit the mistakes that may have allowed it to happen, but many would act similar to the way they would act if their spouses found out they were cheating: “Deny it.”

    Based on all of this, RP really just wants to make sure we know as much about what happened as possible to make sure it does not happen again. His healthy level of governmental skepticism is one of the bedrocks of conservatism (or it used to be). But he has never attributed any motives of the kind you mentioned, and it is pretty irresponsible of anyone to try do so.

    Peace be with you.

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  44. Martin Brady Says:

    Today I did something I have never done in my entire life: made a contribution to a political campaign. Ron Paul’s political campaign. As president of all the people, he will represent the so-called “nutbags” (though I suspect this designation is strictly the work of the politics of fear). But he will also represent me. His message is clear and well-focused, and he is articulate about his ideas. He knows history, he is an experienced legislator (with a wide-ranging understanding of the financial mechanics of government spending), and he was a doctor in the military. He stay on message, and he doesn’t strive to find ways to deliver different messages to different audiences. (Unlike every other politician in the race.) More importantly, HE is not a nutbag. I’m sure that’s what worries his opponents the most.

  45. James Says:

    Wow, so if you believe in limited constitutional government and fiscal responsibility you are nutbag?

    I guess I must be a nutbag then.


  46. Ned Williams Says:

    This is a little off topic, but the stridency of Paul’s supporters just begs for refutation.

    I was surprised (though I think Paul is over-the-top on a variety of issues, I always perceived that he was principled) to read this article about Ron Paul’s ear-marking spendthrift ways.