Disrespect For Dead Minorities Continues At NiT

Byline: | Category: Blogging, Culture | Posted at: Thursday, 7 June 2007

Katherine, I hardly knew ye. How could you, of all people, make a reference to a homosexual man who had AIDS without making any further comment about him, except, perhaps, to compare yourself to him, and somewhat unfavorably at that?

What’s the matter Katherine? Are you ashamed that someone might compare you to a gay man? Huh? What if one of his family members happened to be on Google today and ran across that post? Can you imagine how that would feel? And, let me add, I was very close to him when he lived, and, by “really close,” I of course mean only that I caught him on the occasional Nick at Nite rerun. But I know this one guy who knows this other person who read somewhere that he was a really nice guy. Anyway, trust me when I say that when you took this shot at him, I felt it deep within my being, espcially when this one blogger I always read told me to feel that way.

How dare you Katherine. How dare you. How dare you claim the mantle of Dick Sargent. How dare you sully his name.

Amd don’t even get me started on how you completely overlook Sarah Chalke’s much better stint on Scrubs. She is more than just the “second Becky” you know. If she was dead too, well, then, I’d really be ticked off. As it is, though, people reading your post might come away with the wrong impression about her overall career. You should know better than that, given that it’s your job to do other people’s thinking for them.

I’m embarrassed for you. And I’m ashamed I know you. That is all.

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11 Responses to “Disrespect For Dead Minorities Continues At NiT”

  1. Mack Says:

    Good thing you expressed the proper amount of outrage, wouldn’t want that link to be mistaken for an…you know…endorsement.

  2. brittney Says:

    “The Second Becky” would make a good band name.

  3. Lynnster Says:

    I always liked Dick York better anyway. Oops!

  4. Roger A Says:

    Yeah, sure, Lynnster. Because he was a white heterosexual male, right? For shame.

  5. Jilly Says:


  6. Number9 Says:

    Such sarcasm Bob. You should be fired.

  7. Lynnster Says:

    Actually, Roger, I like Elizabeth Montgomery better than either of the Dicks, because I am a woman and anyone who thinks either of the Dicks were the real star of the show is sexist. Hee.

  8. Roger A Says:

    Lynnster –

    Indeed. There is not a man alive who doesn’t know who the real star of that show is (was).

  9. Nashville is Talking » If You Ever Wondered Why Says:

    [...] love Roger Abramson (platonically, philadelphially), well wonder no more What’s the matter Katherine? Are you ashamed that someone might compare you to a gay man? Huh? [...]

  10. Barry Says:


  11. Number9 Says:

    Oh heck, Roger when did you start posting here? I thought that was snarkier than Bob writes.

    Just like at SayUncle. Read who the author is.

    Sorry Bob.