Estonian cyber war

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Update on the Estonian “cyber war”

It looks like the worst is over, and internet addresses belonging to high-ranking Russians certainly gives the attack the appearance of an official Russian act.

The good news is that even with huge resources committed to the internet attacks against tiny Estonia, their networks stayed largely intact.  If this was the best that the Russians could do, it indicates that Russian cyber attacks are not currently as potent as we might fear, since it would be logarithmically more difficult to conduct a successful internet attack against the much larger networks found in the United States

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One Response to “Estonian cyber war”

  1. Julian Josephson ("The Green Baron") Says:

    The President of Estonia addressed the Russian cyber war topic at a recent meeting of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC, which The Green Baron (TGB) attended. TGB is familiar with the situation and, frankly, finds the Russian tactics deplorable.