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. . . he’s in Nashville. 


Nashvillians didn’t need to read the Tennessean to learn that Al Gore flew into town last night.  They knew by the time they reached the end of their driveways to get the paper that the Gore Effect had caused temperatures to dramatically drop here this Easter weekend.

If the forecasts are right, Nashville will tie the record from 1916 for the coldest high temperature on this date in recorded history.  (We’re still five degrees short of the predicted high, and it’s almost 2:00.)  Tomorrow the predicted temperature would shatter the 85-year old daily record low by four degrees and would also tie the record for the coldest April temperature ever.

Hopefully, Al is leaving soon.


Be sure to visit our very first cartoon:  Easter Carols by the Fire

Okay, so art is not my forte’. . .

The temperature on Easter Sunday tomorrow is predicted to be 17 degrees lower than it was this past Christmas!  Also, it looks like we’re going to top out at only 40 degrees today (a record for the day).  Forty degrees also happens to be the low on December 25, 2006.  In other words, the high on the eve of Easter matches the low this past Christmas.  Weird weather.


Just to see how wide and weird this weather pattern is, take a look at the map below.  That light blue color that covers all of the Southeast except for parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida-that’s a freeze warning for tonight.  (Coincidence that Nashville is almost dead center in the blue?)  Much of that beige color along the Gulf indicates that snow and sleet is predicted. 


We’ll see one or two systems like this a year–usually in January or February.  But almost never in April.

Already we’ve lost the leaves on hydrangeas and crepe myrtles.  The viburnum (if plural, is it viburnums?) don’t look so great either.  I imagine that this is not good for any of the fruit crops that are in full bloom across the South.

(Glenn, thanks for the link.)

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30 Responses to “no, glenn . . .”

  1. Herr Morgenholz Says:

    Can I book Al for about August 10? It gets damn hot here……..

  2. Shamus Says:

    The two biggest sources of greenhouse gases are cows butts and Gore’s mouth.

  3. Warren Says:

    Shamus said…
    “The two biggest sources of greenhouse gases are cows butts and Gore’s mouth.”

    Isn’t that a distinction without a difference?

  4. Jim,MtnViewCA,USA Says:

    And seriously, one of the factors put forth as evidence of global warming is higher temps measured in various locations. However, Denver today is not the same as Denver 40 years ago. As cities grow, they lose open space and gain high-rises. This affects temps in the city. Climatologists know this and try to correct for it, but it’s tricky. So one thing that has been done is to sample some smaller cities which have not significantly changed in population. Surprise. Plenty of them have stable or lower average temps.
    This is still way too tricky to call as evidence one way or another (hey, it’s not like we necessarily had dependable thermometers back then, or even that the temps have been taken in the same location within the city over all the years), but just to point out that the ball is still in play in this corner of debate.

  5. John Enright Says:

    Maybe it’s that big private jet of his. Maybe it emits CO2 offsets that drop temps?

  6. Keith D. Milby Says:

    Keep Algore out of Indiana for “The Month of May” please. We have enough crazy weather just to get through qualifying and “Bump Day” not to mention the biggest race in the world. We don’t need to be freezing our teets off as well.

  7. Mister Snitch! Says:

    “Isn’t that a distinction without a difference?”

    Aw, that’s just mean. Now tell Bessie you’re sorry.

  8. Mwalimu Daudi Says:

    Anyone care to bet that the official spin will be that unusually cold temperatures in April actually constitute proof of runaway global warming?

    But the Goracle and his zombie followers need not worry. As soon as the temperature hits 80 degrees in June it will be back to “the end is nigh” business as usual.

  9. ExRat Says:

    Whaddya mean, “Gore effect”? Of course it’s because of global warming, and it’s all Bush’s fault! What else could it be? [/sarcasm]

  10. ic Says:

    Thank Gore for global warming, else you may have 40 degrees below instead of 40 degrees.

  11. w.spencer Says:

    Just finished checking a couple of world weather websites and found little to indicate any temperatures above a normal range for highs—but many were below normal for lows for this time and date.
    Back on Feb 2/07 Reuters published a story about daytime temperatures of 60+F in Beijing,China,and went so far as to “interview” the proprietor of an ice-skate rental business,who claimed that he was losing his shirt for lack of ice on a lake in Beijing.The article,which I doubt was available in China,stated that the normal temp. for the date was around the freezing mark.I checked the temperatures which had been recorded at Beijing Airport for that time frame and found that they averaged 30 F.As a pilot,I rely on the weather reporting from an aviation facility for safety and flight planning for every flight.I frequently have noted this type of discrepancy in reporting of temperatures by the media since the beginning of the Global Warming(now referred to as Climate Change}
    debate.I personally believe a more appropriate nick for Al Gore would be “The GOREBURATOR” for his similarity to that disposal unit in the kitchen sink,and have taken to calling the whole issue
    “Goebbels’ Climate Change” in honor of the believers and their tactics.

  12. Scot Says:

    Hah! I think John’s on to something there with the Goracle’s carbon offsets causing all the cold tems everywhere he goes. I just hope the heck he stays out of the Northwest for the rest of the spring. This is the first year in the last four that I haven’t lost all of my fruit blossoms to late freezes. ;^)

  13. John Blake Says:

    Prior to the mid-1960s, geophysicists disputed Wegener’s “continental drift” hypothesis because –though any child can see that Africa fits with South America– they assumed that continental landmasses were similar to ocean bottoms, therefore “drift” was impossible because continents must be locked in place. Discovery of the mid-Atlantic Ridge with associated “plate tectonics” via vast subduction zones confirmed Wegener virtually overnight.

    Just so, “global warming” appears less a CO2-based atmospheric phenomenon than a result of geophysical processes discovered only since 2002. In brief, it seems that worldwide deep-ocean volcanism has increased dramatically (for whatever reason) since at least 1850. This means that for 150 years Arctic and Atlantic Oceans have been warming steadily, as have waters around the Pacific Rim, Indian Ocean, and other major bodies.

    As warm water rises, it evaporates to emit high levels of volcanic CO2. Evaporation is a cooling process akin to “air conditioning”, so that warm-water evaporation condenses over land, then precipitates as cold rains in summer, heavy snows in winter. CO2 itself contributes very marginally to this effect: This “greenhouse gas” constitutes .0095% (1/10,000th) of Earth’s atmospheric constituents. Since 1990, Mounts St. Helens and Pinatubo alone have blasted more CO2 aloft in twenty minutes than all indusrial civilization in 200 years.

    As evaporating warm-air rises, Canadian cold-air masses flow beneath, counter-seasonally affecting the jet-stream. Damp, cold summers mix with frigid winters, a recipe for downside climate-change as both air and Gulf Stream currents increasingly invert. In fact, cold Gulf Stream layers drift higher as warmer planes evaporate– soon enough, this crucial “conveyor belt” will flip, converting lands from Gibralter to Vladivostok to frozen tundra deserts in but a few short years.

    There are well-recognized geophysical and intra-solar astronomical reasons for this, but climatologists rarely speak to those outside their fold. Alas, their models treat climate history as linear, not cyclical, without assessing atmospheric circulation (rising warm layers underlain by flowing cold). These “experts'” CO2 fixation is an irrelevent canard… over the past 10-million years, due probably to continental configurations (Eastern hemispheric currents walled off from Western by North and South America), recurrent ice ages have come and gone with interglacial intervals averaging 11,000 years. Depending on how one counts the Younger Dryas, our current respite has lasted some 12,500 years. A longterm freeze is overdue.

    Short-term, a 500-year “Little Ice Age” (c. 1350 – 1875) ended about 1890 (intra-solar reasons). From 1890 – 1939, fifty years, a pronounced warming phase rebounded. From 1940 – 1979, forty years, we experienced noticeable cooling. Now from 1980 – 2009, thirty years, warming has induced hysteria among climate-mongers. But here’s a valid, falsifiable prediction: From 2010 – 2029, twenty years, relative warmth will shift to major chill.

    From 2030 onwards, the global “thermostat” will fibrillate, switching on/off simultaneously… as extreme flucuations multiply, of a sudden the global system will undergo a downside crash. Glaciers do not “move South”, they land on your head and then accumulate. Expect a 90-foot snowfall over New York City– half will melt, but next year there’ll be ninety feet again. Albedo (“reflectivity”) will absord less solar warmth, but long-term geophysical processes will continue warmth/evaporation mechanisms. After 120,000 years, Earth may dig out again, for a brief 11,000 to 12,000+ year respite… but for tens of millions of years, until Eastern and Western hemispheres re-unite oceanic waters, the cycle will recur like clockwork.

    Children and grandchildren of today’s post-Boomer generations will face a future inconceivable to politicized scare-mongers like Al Gore, with his foolish nostrums. Maybe humanity will teleport en masse off-planet, ensuring that for urgent security reasons no murderous mullah-dullahs need apply. (As ever, if they cannot hitch free rides they’re doomed.)

    The above scenario is eminently testable. All measurements are current, exposing phony “hockey-stick” models for the frauds they are. Processes are classic “atmospheric fluid” templates (volcanic warming drives deep-ocean waters to the surface, where evaporation cools air at the margins to cause preciptation and drive cold-air masses underneath). Nothing esoteric, no “CO2 effect” beloved of collectivist Statists for self-serving power-political purposes.

    Next time Al Gore or some UN factotum, or even some Brilliant Legal Mind (BLM) on the U.S. Supreme Court rises to intone, “We must address this terrible concern,” why not just ask: Suppose you’re wrong, as geophysical history, basic meteorology, and global volcanism insist you are? What remedy do you propose for restoring high-energy, high-tech global cultures once your stupid prejudices have desecrated every principle of peace and progress?

  14. Mark Daviet Says:

    In order to get accurate temperatures today for comparrison to those of the 50’s, we need to average in all indoor temperatures during the summer from air conditioning. This is because air conditioning pumps heat from in these buildings outside. Fifty years ago most buildings did not have air conditioning and you did not have this heating effect.

    Just food for thought.

  15. Meryl Yourish Says:

    It snowed in Richmond, Bob. Nearly died of shock looking out the window this morning.

    I knew it was the Gore Effect.

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  17. john h Says:

    On a slightly different note, don’t those states look nice in BLUE!!?

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  19. Papertiger Says:

    It’s not nice to fool with mother nature.
    [cue the lightning]

  20. Mike F. Says:

    Haven’t heard so much impenetrable denial since I visited a friend at an alcoholic detox center! It’s cold in Tenn. so that must prove….hoo boy!

  21. mishu Says:

    Mikey, that’s reality. You’re not going to convince many people the earth is warming when they are freezing their asses off.

  22. F15C Says:

    “Mikey, that’s reality. You’re not going to convince many people the earth is warming when they are freezing their asses off.”

    Generalizing the above to believing the complete opposite of what is indicated by human senses and common sense is the definition of today’s left. So, if I’m of the left and I’m freezing my ass off, it *must* be anthropogenic global warming… And it’s all Bush’s fault.

  23. steed Says:

    Note the comments in this thread are either reasonable explanations identifying why thoughtful people still have doubts about global warming, or are either smart alecky anit-GW jokes justified by the scaremongering of the GW religionists. Then there is the comment by the lone GW religionist, Mike F., doing what lefties do best in a dead-end debate. Namely, calling opponents names (i.e., deniers) without providing any reasoned logic to support his position.

  24. Dave F Says:

    Wasn’t the Film “The Day After Tomorrow” based on a global warming scenario which postulated an arctic meltdown followed by some kind of temperature reversal resulting from ocean current changes … or something. It ended with NYC under ninety feet of snow, as I recall

  25. john h Says:

    No Steed, Mike was trying to say that because it’s cold in April it doesn’t mean global warming is false (anymore than if it was 100 degrees it would mean it is true). Current one day or one week temps are irrelevant. Science and scientists who understand these things will continue to develop theories. Liberal and conservative pundits, commenters, screeds and polemicists, no matter their intelligence, are merely quoting people who know (unless, they themselves are climatetologist (sp??). I know the cold bit vis a vis’ Gore is a joke, but people get carried away (on either side).

  26. steed Says:

    No, John H. Mike didn’t say that cold temps this weekend are insufficient evidence against warming. Mike clearly states that the commenters in this thread are in denial, presumably about the truths of global warming. That’s different, and if Mike misstated his intent then he should clarify.

    But to your point (which Mike does not make), most posts on this thread, including mine, are prompted by the idea that over the past couple of years every instance of warm temps and extreme warm weather events (e.g., Katrina) are trumpeted as proof of warming, while all instances of cold weather events are simply reported as, well, cold weather events. I recall a summery of headlines (by Jules Crettendon, I think) during the February cold snap in the northeast US. Dozens headlines benignly noting “unusually low” cold temps, or “unexpectedly high” snowfall totals. Simple new reporting. And then a headline reporting record high February temperatures in Asia which, obviously, was proof of global warming. You see, the template is set; any cold event is just another cold event; any warm event is a preview of things to come.

  27. Greg Says:

    Here’s a thought…. explain why all glaciers around the world are suddenly shrinking and the shrinking is picking up speed ?

    Explain why 1/3 of frogs around the world have recently died off.

    Explain why the polar caps are shrinking.

    Explain why the polar bears are disappearing because icebergs and such are disappearing.

    Explain why “overall” worldwide temps, have increased, (overall a key word here)

    Explain why the coral reefs are bleaching.

    There are other symptoms that real scientists doing real research have discovered.

    I’m not a scientist, but I can connect the dots. I’m not supporting Al Gore at all, I think he’s nuts, it’s ashame though, that whenever a politician gets hold of something worthwhile, they corrupt it’s validity by trying to use it for their own agenda.

  28. w.spencer Says:

    Having survived for a period of 58 years on this rock,not a long time perhaps,in a geological sense,but longer than many involved in the GW debate,I feel that what I can bring to the discussion is my own observations and recollections of climate-related events during this time frame.The weather has always been of such importance to us humans,that it is often the first and even the last topic of the day.It wasn’t too distant in times past that man was sure that he could control the weather by offering virgins to the gods.Nowadays,since the former are somewhat scarce,we have the 21st century equivalent,known as “carbon offset credits”,marketed by the new environmental wall street as penance for us sinners.
    I am not a scientist either,but I can also connect the dots.The problem that I have,however,is that the dots keep moving about the page.This past weekend a study reported that the surface water temperature of Lake Superior was rising,based on the compilation of measurements by researchers from Duluth,Min.It is suspected that GW is the cause.It was mentioned that one source of data was water temperature records dating back 100yrs from a dam site (probably the dam on the Montreal River,on the Ontario side of the lake).The problem that I have with this dot is that in 1969/70 I had a contract position with the Canadian Forestry Research Center.At that time a significant temperature rise had already been and it was believed at that time to be the result of extensive clear-cutting in the Lake Superior watershed.It was also feared at the time by researchers that such clearcut-logging could cause a reduction in lake levels throughout the Great Lakes.Now these guys have messed up my picture by moving the dot.
    In Aug. 1988 I was in Yellowstone,Wy. witnessing the fury of nature’s response to man’s folly.One topic of discussion with local rangers at locations in the Beartooth and Teton Ranges,was the rapid shrinking of the Glaciers,believed to be due to evaporation in the same dry-air conditions the led to the worst fire season in recorded history.At that time,this explanation made sense to me,as it was also stated that the temperature was rarely,if ever above freezing level at those higher elevations where the glaciers are born.In a similar circumstance,much is made of the disappearing Snows of Kilimanjaro,also at an elevation that never sees ambient temperatures greater than -20F.The peaks and lately even the upper slopes sure seem to be getting a lot more sunshine these last few years,though,and photographers love it.So this dot I have chased for awhile.
    When I was a kid,living in southern Ontario and Michigan in the fifties and sixties,we enjoyed catching frogs,toads and salamanders.
    Trouble was,there were very few to be found in urban areas,and only a few more in rural areas.Then in the seventies and early eighties
    they banned DDT and eliminated phosphates and we were inundated with amphibians so numerous that an evening stroll became a game of hopscotch.The mosquito population took a shitlicking though.By the late eighties and into the early nineties we were seeing fewer each year and could again sleep at night.This was blamed at the time on sulpher dioxide emissions and the resultant acid rain killing the eggs.But I guess those researchers were wrong and that dot’s in the wrong place too.
    Polar Bear population information is easy to find online,and most recent studies do indeed note population declination.Ice pack thinning and early season breakup due to Global Warming has replaced suspected over-hunting for $500.-2000. as the reason cited in earlier studies.Arctic development of mineral resources is no longer considered a factor.Out damned dot,out.
    The polar ice cap once ranged as far south as the midwest.Then about 11,000 years ago something happend.Our wonderful frozen world began to thaw.Not sure,I wasn’t there,but I’ll bet it had something to do with Climate Change and really frightened a lot of folks.Maybe thats when virginity began it’s decline from virtue to liability.This is one dot that don’t move.
    As a final observation,wasn’t it recently claimed by science that marine pollution,due partly to increases in human habitation of coastal areas,causing massive die-offs and bleaching of the worlds
    greatest reefs.I guess that Hurricanes A,B,C,D,—-Katrina solved that one.And here I thought that I’d merely misplaced that dot.

  29. steed Says:

    Greg, sorry for the long post that follows, but you are convolving three separate ideas.

    The first is, “Is the earth’s temperature increasing?” There is still scientific debate on this topic, but the evidence tends toward, “yes, for the time being.”

    The second is, “Is the increase in global temperature man-caused?” This is an entirely separate debate, and regardless if you can “connect the dots” of global warming, that connection says nothing about whether mankind has caused it and, more to the point, can effectively control it. And, quite frankly, as a research engineer of 30 years experience, the theories explaining GW as natural (solar activity, increased gamma rays entering the earth’s atmosphere) seem much more credible than the theory — and it is just that — of anthropogenic GW (i.e., man’s release of CO2 gases). Regardless, all are just theories and the scientific method relies on accepting all plausible theories until a “Law” is developed to provide rigorous explanation for phenomena. That has yet to be accomplished.

    The third is that you are taking several separate observations that may each have a number of reasonable explanations of cause and effect. You “connect these dots” to a pre-determined conclusion, likely because they were presented to you all in the same context assigning that common cause to all of these; i.e., each is direct evidence of GW. However, let’s take one issue you (one you don’t point out): namely Gore’s proposition that plots of CO2 and temperature vs. time follow an eerily similar trend. Surely, as Gore is presenting, this is proof of CO2 causing higher temperatures. But what if higher temperatures are causing higher CO2 concentrations, just as some “crack pot” climatologists propose; and, by the way, show more convincingly in proper data presentation techniques in “Global Warming, the Great Swindle” on BBC.

    In a nutshell, these are the salient problems with the folks pushing global warming. Don’t fall for them.

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