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Jared Allen in Nashville’s City Paper covers the story of Katherine Coble’s unpleasant experience with J. L. Kirk Associates.

In early March, a Google search of J. L. Kirk Associates would have led you almost uninterruptedly to the company’s Web site, where the “career advancement and transition firm,” boasts of its “50 years combined experience… [as] a regionally based premier career search firm with a national presence throughout our affiliate offices in most major U.S. cities.”

Run a Google search for J. L. Kirk Associates now, however, and while you will still be directed to the company’s Web site, you also will be directed to Coble’s blog, “Just Another Pretty Farce,” and her entry about her and her husband’s “irritating” and “discouraging” visit with a company representative in February.

Not mentioned in the story is Bill Hobbs’ visual display of Coble’s web traffic:


What it showed was that Coble’s website usually received from three to five hundred visitors a day. However, at the height of the blogstorm, her site received almost 16,000 visits in one day. A similar phenomenon has happened on my site, as the first comment I wrote about Coble’s story has now been viewed almost 30,000 times.

As mentioned in the City Paper, “among the Google search’s top 10 results for J. L. Kirk Associates,” is Coble’s original review of the recruiting firm. It wasn’t the original bad review of the recruiting firm that triggered Kirk’s bad publicity, but their ham-handed response. Had they done nothing, no one would ever have known.

Now a new readership knows of Kirk Associates questionable practices: an offline readership.

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