John Ford: day 3

Byline: | Category: Ethics, TN Politics | Posted at: Friday, 27 April 2007

Since getting the case, the jury has deliberated for about 11 hours, including seven on Thursday. The 12-member body is sifting through more than 200 trial exhibits that include more than 100 clips of undercover video and audio tapes.

The longer this goes on, the greater the chance of a hung jury.

One other note about the John Ford trial:  Why has the Nashville media been so absent?  Especially the Tennessean, which has published only AP reports?

One commenter answered that question this way:

Truth is, The Tennessean doesn’t even send its reporters down to the STATE CAPITOL any more (less than a mile from the paper’s building) – so of course they’re not going to send one to Memphis.


I bet the Tennessean regrets not sending a reporter to Memphis now.  They missed the opportunity to talk about sex while they splash pictures of a very attractive blonde all over their pages.  (They’d never do that, would they?)

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One Response to “John Ford: day 3”

  1. J Says:

    Well, that’s not EXACTLY true re: The Tennessean and the capitol. They do have a bureau there, but editors have pushed Tennessean reporters not to cover hearings and sessions where the AP will be. Laziness, low staffing or trying to get farther on a (relatively speaking, of course) shoestring newsroom budget – that part I don’t know.