has robert byrd ever sent such a letter?

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Fred Thompson doesn’t want a road named for him:

. . . the fact is that I didn’t build it and I didn’t pay for it. The taxpayers did. . . Therefore, I would request that you thank my friends and withdraw the naming bill.

The weather just changed markedly here in Tennessee the last couple days, but this may be an even bigger breath of fresh air.


ACK is cynical about the Thompson letter.  However, Gravatar One point against that interpretation is that the letter was apparently written on Monday and only became public late Wednesday. That timeline makes me think that it was mailed to Rep. Hensley, just as any other citizen corresponding with a legislature would do.  (Another example of Fred Thompson’s humility perhaps?)


Don SurberI shall put my lamp down. I know who I’m voting for next year.

JB, who also notes that the “Southern Baptist Convention’s Richard Land didn’t get the memo that Fred Thompson isn’t a Christian.”

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21 Responses to “has robert byrd ever sent such a letter?”

  1. sadcox Says:

    This sounds like a comment from a man who is building up for a presidential run.

  2. submandave Says:

    … or just a comment from a person secure enough in who he is to not need a road named after him. I’m never running for President, yet would likely have a similar reaction in such a circumstance.

  3. ray Says:

    Well, sadcox, your snark may have a ring of truth…if you can provide evidence of ANY road named after him.

    Then again…probably not.

  4. pchuck Says:

    hey ray: There are the:

    1. Robert C. Byrd Expressway, U.S. Highway 22, near Weirton, WV
    2. Robert C. Byrd Appalachian Highway System part of the Appalachian Development Highway System.
    3. Robert C. Byrd Drive, from Beckley, WV to Sophia, WV (Byrd’s hometown).

    Looks like #2 is an entire system.

  5. edhesq Says:

    I’ve always thought that things should not be named for polticians until after they’re dead, or at least a few years out of office.

  6. KeithK Says:

    How about we adopt a strict policy of not naming any public work – street, highway, building, park, whatever – after a person unless that person is already dead. Takes a lot of the political vanity out of it.

  7. sadcox Says:

    I guess the “I hope this is a tiny indicator that he may run” tone of my comment was lost on you guys. I apologize for my ineffectiveness as a writer.

    Of course, it could be that you guys are a tad bit sensitive about comments that didn’t address you personally. Maybe a little of both?

    Just for giggles, I’ll give you some fodder…

    Subman, I can’t help but admire your security in yourself in not wanting a road named after you. You are a true role model. Will you please consider taking a job coaching one of the teams at our university?

    Ray, if he does end up running, you will be unable to prove that WASN’T the reason for his comment, it would only be your opinion. Of course, someone else’s inability to prove that it WAS the reason for his comment could then be considered a valid opinion as well.

    I was sort of cheering for the guy up to this point, but now I’m cheering for you. I hope he doesn’t run, just so you get the opportunity to be right.

  8. Ross Johnson Says:

    Fred Thompson is well grounded in who he is and this letter proves it. There is greatness in a man who is humble and knows who the source of power and authority is in this country. The fact that he recognizes that it’s the taxpayer’s money being spent on public works projects shows he is one of us.

  9. ts Says:

    heh. sadcox is my hero.

  10. TRD Says:

    >> I didn’t build it and I didn’t pay for it. The taxpayers did

    Can you imagine the chaos if all the roads in US were named “Taxpayer Road”?

  11. sadcox Says:

    >>Can you imagine the chaos if all the roads in US were
    >>named “Taxpayer Road”?

    I think it would be a little like driving on “Peachtree” in Atlanta.

  12. Jim Lee Says:

    In Tennessee the Dogwoods are abloom, the Tennessee Lady Vols just won their seventh national basketball championship, and Fred Thompson, our current leading, non-presidential candidate, just demonstrated some characteristic humility.

    Vote for Fred whether he runs or not.

  13. Apologies to the Thompsons : Hear ItFrom.Us Says:

    […] like I inadvertantly angered a couple of Fred’s relatives who read Bob Krumm. Sorry about that…didn’t mean to issue fuedin’ […]

  14. Kleinheider Says:

    Another example of Fred Thompson’s humility perhaps?

    Humility? The guy walks in front of camera for a living. He likes the sight of his own face and the sound of his own voice. Just a humble country lawyer in a pickup, right? Come on, Krumm. The man is more well versed in the game and all its aspects than almost anyone else alive. You cannot do that and have humility, only the appearance of it.

  15. bob Says:

    Like “faking sincerity”?

  16. Ozwitch Says:

    Kleinheider, we get that you don’t like Fred Thompson.
    But you say that political savvy is the same as giant egotism: because he knows the game and acts for a living he’s a narcissistic cynic?

    That’s not the impression I get listening to him and watching him, nor is it what I garner from others who have met the man. Egotism is probably the last word I would see used to describe him.

  17. Vol Abroad Says:

    Ho hum. Fred? Humility? Nah. (Not that he’s any worse than the rest of them.) I agree with Kleinheider (and there’s a turn up).

    Maybe I’ll write to Fred and suggest that he suggests that the road is named after my grandfather. He might agree. He knew him.

  18. Vol Abroad Says:

    Oh – I’ve just seen which road it is – and nah… we like just calling it Hwy 43. Has always worked for us. Still, I might give it a whirl. My grandfather certainly did more than his share for the city of Lawrenceburg – and never, ever sought fame or fortune for his trouble.

  19. Greg Says:

    He may not actually have humility, but this shows that he knows that such a thing exists and is important.

  20. svandyke Says:

    sadcox, I am a fan of your biting humor…and I agree. Whether or not he’s running for president, it sounds presidential.

    Really the only thing I want to know about the possible campaign is, if elected, will Mr. Thompson enter into a room with “Hail to the Chief” or that “Dum dum, bada bada ba, Dum dum…” theme from Law and Order.

    My vote is for the latter.

  21. DelaWhere Says:

    I thought all Federally funded highways had one of two names: US Highway or Interstate Highway