Free Advice For People Seeking The Passage Of Legislation In Tennessee

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So I’m driving down the road listening to 104.5 The Zone, and they’re doing a show on “ultimate fighting.” Some guy named “Ed” is on there who seems to be some sort of UF guru. Toward the end of the show a caller asks why UF is still banned in Tennessee. “Ed” notes that there was a bill to allow UF in the state but that “politics” killed it. He would not elaborate further, except to point a finger at the “Speaker of the House.” The caller and the host just couldn’t believe that such a petty thing as “politics” would keep UF from being (re-)legalized in Tennessee.

Well, “Ed,” assuming you are leading this charge (and it seemed to this listener that you are) you really have no one to blame but yourself.

Here’s a tip for future reference: if you would like your bill to pass, don’t give it to this guy. He couldn’t pass a bill on the Hill if his life depended on it. I mean, he himself cops to (and is quite proud of) being the state legislature’s patron saint of lost causes. Really, there are 99 possible folks you could have found to pass this bill and this is the fella you went with? Sorry, but that was just dumb. Next year, find someone who can pass a bill. The good news, I guess, is that you have nowhere to go but up. I’m sure the next person could at least get a second in subcommittee (this one seems to have died for lack of a second in the Industrial Impact subcom. Shocker).

Also, while we’re at it, if your objective is to actually pass a piece of legislation through the House, it’s probably not the best idea to take a shot at the Speaker of the House on the radio. Geez, get a lobbyist who knows what he (or she) is doing. Or at least just get a clue.

(Shouldn’t Stacey Quixote also have been self-aware enough to decline sponsorship of this bill if he wanted it passed, since he himself would be such a liability? — ed. Indeed. Now it’s gotten to the point where he’s screwing over his own people. Progress! Somebody’s going to complain–I give them five seconds–that you’re endorsing “the way things are done” down there — ed. No. I’m just saying that if you want to pass a bill, you have to work with the system as it is, which means, first, find a good sponsor, or at least not a useless one. Think about it: Who are NFL teams going to take in this weekend’s draft? Players that have a lot of heart but little talent otherwise or players that will help the team win games. Time’s up. The same principle applies here.)

CLARIFICATION: No, I don’t care for Campfy der Wunderhund, but this post is truly not meant to pick on him, a sport that is no longer fun or entertaining because it lacks any real challenge. I’m just talking basic politics here. He’s chosen the path of the indiscriminate bombthrower. Well, bully for him. But there are consequences for same. Legislative impotence is one of them.

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2 Responses to “Free Advice For People Seeking The Passage Of Legislation In Tennessee”

  1. Donna Locke Says:

    Some of the Republican leaders’ bills are DOA, too, baby. “R” spells impotence in our Democratic-controlled House. Most of the time, even Democratic cosponsors won’t help. We gotta have more R than D.

  2. Roger A Says:

    Donna –

    If people want to dig on Stacey Campfield, fine. He has that sort of personality. But please don’t make the mistake that I see other Campfieldians making: putting him on the same plane as other Republicans. Republicans have a harder row to hoe, for sure, but not an impossible one. His, howver, at least in terms of passing legislation, is impossible.