Does Kirk have a case?

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The title of this post, Clueless law firm takes client JL Kirk down the chute, makes me wonder: Can J. L. Kirk & Associates make a case against King & Ballow for malpractice?

(If you’re unfamiliar with the Coble/Kirk story: Background and Here.)

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4 Responses to “Does Kirk have a case?”

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  3. Sis Holmes Says:

    I’d think they probably don’t. I know of at least one other blogger who received a C&D from JLK-A in the past X years. That C&D came from a different attorney in a different state.

    C&Ds are pretty much bread and butter law. If you have a client who wants one sent, you send it. Sort of the equivalent of me calling my doctor’s office to get a refill on my allergy medicine.

    Given that JLK-A has used C&D letters as a response in the past, I would assume that their present attorney was just acting according to the JLK-A business mode.

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