dobson’s remarks are good news for romney

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The virtual thumping that James Dobson is getting from the right ought to be enough to dispel the notion that if Mitt Romney isn’t the Republican nominee, it is because of his religion.

It is also evidence that Christian conservatives simply do not have a stranglehold on the GOP. Or it ought to be, but some people apparently can’t get over that:

. . . if you’re a Republican, and Dobson marks you as a non Christian, well, you better stay in Hollywood with all those other heathens.

Apparently that’s not true.

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9 Responses to “dobson’s remarks are good news for romney”

  1. JB Says:

    In the same US News article where Dobson was supposedly quoted as saying Thompson wasn’t a Christian, Dobson also states that Romney’s Mormonism shouldn’t be a disqualifier. I found this interesting because on the one hand Dobson seems to be saying he can’t support Thompson because he doesn’t think he’s a Christian, but Mitt Romney (who’s DEFINITELY not a Christian) might be acceptable to him.

  2. DelaWhere Says:

    “Everyone knows he’s conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for,” Dobson said of Thompson. “[But] I don’t think he’s a Christian; at least that’s my impression,”

    Statements such as this eviscerate the pro-family movement and Christianity!

    Dr. Dobson’s position has denigrated to being that of a political hack.

    While I also admire Newt, he is a theorist who brilliantly lectures but who fails to motivate action.

    Fred Thompson is a member of the Church of Christ. He just doesn’t wear his religion on his sleeve as others might.

    It’s what is in Fred’s heart and his ability (in my opinion) to MOTIVATE Americans to ACT on the moral values that are being suppressed by the secular humanists in our society that is his strength and we need that today.

  3. Bill Robertson Says:

    Mr. Bush,

    Why is Mitt Romney not a Christian?

  4. JB Says:

    Because he’s a Mormon.

  5. Bill Ropbertson Says:

    Mr. Bush,

    What is it about Mormons that makes them non-Christians? Can you be more specific? You’ve mad an accusation. Please back it up.

    Bill Robertson

  6. JB Says:

    Mormons are not Christians because they do not believe the Bible alone is the written word of God. Mormon scriptures contradict Biblical teachings.

    Now some Mormons contend they are “Christian” because of their belief in Jesus, but a belief in Jesus alone doesn’t make someone a Christian. The Bible warns of false prophets and there are many religious sects that use the name of Jesus Christ, but are not Christians because they do not believe the blood of Jesus alone atones for man’s sins. One can only come to be a Christian by confessing their sins, seeking forgiveness and accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour. The Mormon church teaches that there are sins so grievous that the sinner is beyond the atonement of Christ. In other words, Mormons reject the idea of salvation by grace. Further, Mormons teach the God was once a man, yet the Bible states clearly that God has always been God. So again, Mormons reject a central tenant of Christianity, the deity of Christ.

  7. Bill Ropbertson Says:

    Mr. Bush,

    Thank you for your response. In the midst of this presidential race, I do not like to see accusations without reasoning.

    Bill Robertson

  8. Robin Spencer Says:

    Mr. Bush,

    I am sorry, but your information regarding Mormonism is incorrect. Mormons quite decidedly believe in the grace of Christ. Mormons believe the Book of Mormon to be another testament of Jesus Christ, that it goes hand in hand with the Bible. It does not supplant the Bible. Your statement regarding prophets was true, in that we are to watch for false prohets. False is the key word. Perhaps you could check with a reliable source before you make statements such as these, which are inaccurate. I could go on in defense of some of the statements made, but really, it has been my experience that people who believe Mormons are not Christians have not taken the time to truly understand what is being taught. They merely repeat what they believe to be true. One more thing. Christ atoned for our sins. He paid for our sins through his terrible suffering in Gethsemane and with his blood and his life on the cross at Golgatha. He did for us what we could not do for ourselves. I hope that is clear enough. I am a Mormon. That is what we believe. Please, Mr. Bush, do not repeat inaccuracies.

  9. TD Says:

    I’m sorry Robin but in reality, you are mistaken if you believe mormonism is Christianity. In response to mormonism being Christian, I am posting a small blurb from Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry. Feel free to look further into the differences in mormonism and Christians in this link…

    ED: I’ve deleted the rest of this post. I won’t let this website become a forum for a religious pissing contest. If you care to do so, check out the link referenced above and then take your fight elsewhere.