a dobson do-over?

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An email just received from the Fred Thompson non-campaign:


Last night the DrudgeReport.com posted a link to an article in U.S. News & World Report titled: Dobson Offers Insight on 2008 Republican Hopefuls, Focus on Family Founder Snubs Thompson, Praises Gingrich. The calls and emails were fast and furious and I do mean furious!

This morning I had an opportunity to speak with Brad Miller, Director of Family Policy Council at Focus. We had a great conversation and Brad confirmed what many of us had been suspecting – the article was not an accurate representation of the conversation.

Dr. Dobson had never actually spoken with Fred and did not know Fred’s personal viewpoints and beliefs firsthand. Dr. Dobson noted that Fred’s voting record while in the Senate was to be praised and indicated a strong conservative, pro-family position. Dobson did not know Fred to be an outspoken evangelical, which can be considered a negative in some circles. The notion that Dr. Dobson was supporting a potential Gingrich candidacy over others is false. Brad also mentioned that there was a great deal of excitement among the “religious right” about a potential Fred Thompson candidacy and that Dr. Dobson is not endorsing or supporting any candidate or potential candidate at this time.

I appreciate Brad for the conversation and helping to clear the air on this and I appreciate your ongoing efforts in supporting a potential Fred Thompson candidacy. If you haven’t been to the site lately, please take a minute stop by: http://www.grassrootsvoter.com We are well on our way to our goal of organizing 10,000 Fred Thompson supporters!

Thanks again,

Reuben Watkins

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One Response to “a dobson do-over?”

  1. john h Says:

    If I’m Reuben, I leave ‘well enough’ alone. Having Dobson as a foe seems much more enticing than having him as an ally.