can we win at home?

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Glenn Reynolds has linked to several war items this morning. One is a poll including this question:

“How hopeful are you that we will succeed?” That’s a two-parter: How hopeful am I that we will succeed in Iraq? Very. How hopeful am I that we will succeed in Iraq before we lose the war at home? Not nearly as much.

Also Glenn links to James Miller who has this to say:

“When you short sell a stock you make money when the price of the stock goes down. The Democrats seem to be short selling the U.S. military in Iraq. . . . We don’t allow members of corporate boards to short sell the stock of their own company because it creates too many conflicts of interest. It’s unfortunate that the only real way the Democrats can oppose Bush’s Iraq policy is for them to politically short sell the U.S. military in Iraq.”

But then Congress never has liked to apply rules for others to itself.

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