can hillary win?

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Seriously. Can Hillary Clinton, wither her very high negatives, win in 2008?

Yes, she’s the best known candidate on either side, but does that work to her advantage or disadvantage?

Dick Morris opined that Hillary demands that she not be criticized, “otherwise, it’s off with their heads.”

Frankly, I don’t think that Hillary is behaving any differently than most other candidates. She meets criticisms with a demand for an apology–including insistence on giving back the money in question. However, what is different between Sen. Clinton and other candidates is that the media actually covers her every word–even the vapid ones demanding acts of contrition from others who are simply playing politics.

I think that those few voters who are truly undecided on the subject of Ms. Clinton will be turned off by her demands for apologies over perceived sleights even as she gives no quarter to her opponents. It will only add to her ice princess caricature.

No, my guess is that both parties will nominate contenders who are more “real” than regal. And that they especially won’t nominate the next in line to a dynasty. In other words: for the first time in nearly three decades I predict that there will be neither a Bush nor a Clinton on either ticket.


Roger Simon thinks that David Geffen (the event which precipitated Dick Morris’ column was Geffen’s recent harsh comments about Hillary) criticized Ms. Clinton because, “Geffen doesn’t think Hillary can win.”


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One Response to “can hillary win?”

  1. Sean Braisted Says:

    To me, it seems like Hillary’s perceived lock on the nomination comes from the prayers of Dick Morris, and the laziness of the media. Perhaps I’m isolated, but I have yet to meet a passionate supporter of Hillary Clinton. I know her poll numbers are high, but that’s name recognition, and some of Bill’s juju rubbing off on her. Once the campaign gets seriously rolling, and voters get a chance to see all the candidates in full form, I think her soft support (among the voters, not the business elite) will melt away.